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Rain Design

Swivel Base - Silver

New Condition | Open Box

i360 turns your 20-23" iMac or Cinema Display at the push of a finger, so you can share ideas with others spontaneously. i360 is perfect for peers, students, and coworkers to easily share information.
Practical Stability
Your iMac or Cinema Display doesn't simply sit on top of the i360; it actually slots into the i360 itself and is fully secured. The swivel inside the i360 is made of solid metal, providing a weighted, stable platform for your 20-23" iMac or Cinema Display.


Rain Design i360 Swivel Base - Silver Mfr P/N: 10006 OWC SKU: RAI1006O Rain Design brings 360º functionality to your iMac, Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display with a wide, stable 360º swivel steel base. *New Condition | Open Box* Rain Design 1 Year Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day
Supply Limited: 1 available
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