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Portable Anti-Static Mat

When it comes to electrostatic damage there is no point in taking risks. Whether you are away from the workbench or you don't have a workbench at all, this anti-static mat will ensure that your sensitive electronics are well protected.
Not to be confused with iFixit's other anti-static mat, this mat is easily folded, stuffed, and moved. But, that doesn't mean it will falter in protecting your electronics from static damage. This mat includes a grounding wire/clip and wrist strap.

Product Specifications:

iFixit Part Number

  • IF145-202-5


  • Width: 600.0 mm (24.0 in)
  • Length: 600.0 mm (24.0 in)
Manufacturer provided specifications for iFixit p/n IF145-202-5 UPC#: 856235006672


  • Anti-static mat
  • Grounding wire/clip
  • Wrist strap
iFixit Portable Anti-Static Mat Mfr P/N: IF145-202-5 OWC SKU: IFXIF1452025 Protection for sensitive electronics. Includes a grounding wire clip and wrist strap. iFixit Lifetime Warranty Ships: Same Day only $29.99
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