Power Mac G5
Power Mac G5
Super-MultiDrive, Hard Drive, and Memory upgrades

Upgrade your Power Mac G5

Blu-Ray Blu-ray Internal / External Drives from $35.00
Hard Drive
Max your Power Mac G5 (Late 2005 Dual-Core) with up to 16.0GBs of memory
(2.0GHz Dual-Core, 2.3GHz Dual-Core, 2x2.5GHz Dual-Core)
Max your Power Mac G5 with up to 8.0GB* of memory
(1.6GHz, 1.8GHz, 2x1.8GHz, 2x2.0GHz, 2x2.3GHz, 2x2.5GHz, 2x2.7GHz)
- 8 Memory Expansion slots*
- Find out what memory your G5 uses.
* (2004 1.8GHz / 2x1.8GHz) and (Early 2005 1.8GHz / 2x2.0GHz) models have 4 memory slots with a maximum of 4.0GB
Free Do It Yourself Installation Videos
With the right tools you can install your Power Mac G5's memory or hard drive right in the comfort of your own home. Our exclusive installation videos show you how.

Hard Drive
HD Installation
High | Med | Low
Memory Installation
High | Med | Low
"á la carte" CD/DVD Software, Media, & Case Options
Prosoft Data Backup
only $19.00
Disc media and cases
from $0.79
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