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NewerTech Headless Mac Video Accelerator

The Kleper Report | July 2016 | By Michael Kleper
PDF Article Link: newertech-headless-video-accelerator.pdf (70KB)

Newertech Headless Video Accelerator dramatically increases the remote screen response rate for Macintosh servers that do not have a video screen attached. It is well known that Macs without an attached display (headless) will suffer video degradation when viewed from a remote source, resulting in slow, choppy, and blurry images. Headless Macs are designed to divert computing resources to other needs when the graphics hardware is seemingly not being used.

Servers, which may only be viewed remotely via screen sharing, have no need for dedicated displays, which are costly, consume space and electricity, and produce heat. The Newertech Headless Video Accelerator serves as a display surrogate, tricking the headless Mac into pumping out better graphic performance. A small investment that pays off again and again in improved performance and response time. For HDMI, $12.99 ; for Mini DisplayPort, $15.99 .