Last update 12/13/02 12:45PM CST

Apple's switch ads are destined to be a classic advertising campaign. Apple has a runaway hit on it's hands and an incredibly diverse population of "switchers" to choose from. People from all walks of life are being tapped to become pop culture icons - which one will become the next Ellen Feiss?

Apple has removed a number of these commercials from their main website, the list was just getting too long. It stands to reason that they will introduce new commercials and rotate some of the older ones out of the limelight. Currently, all of the commercials are still active on Apple's website, just not linked on the main page. Should any of these links become inactive, we will set up a mirror of them.

On the lower half of the page, check out switch ads from Japan and Iceland!

Also, be sure to check out our "Switch Parody" page. If you think the "official" commercials are good, the parodies are great :>) That page is located here.

Apple is even getting in on the act with their own "spoof" switch ads!

Check out these 2 new holiday spoof ads starring none other than Will Ferrell, as SANTA CLAUS! :>) They are available by clicking here.

QuickTime is required to view these movies.

Aaron Adams
Tess Bethune
David Carey
Jeremiah Cohick
Dianne Druyff
Ellen Feiss
Mark Frauenfelder
Patrick Gant
Mark Gibson
Gautam Godse
Tony Hawk
Dave Haxton
Gianni Jacklone
Yo Yo Ma
Theresa McPherson
Hamilton Morris
Janie Porche
Jentry Poss
Juan Proano
DJ Q-Bert
Liza Richardson
Alex Schoknecht
Andy Skowronski
Kelly Slater
De La Soul
Bill Swan
Fabiola Torres
Sarah Whistler
Damon Wright
Richard Ziskin

Although I do not speak Japanese, it's great to see the ads from another country :>) I hope Apple Europe, and Apple Austrailia follow suit with their own ads. This could go down as one of the greatest global advertising campaigns in history if Apple plays it's cards right.

Keisuke Hanafusake
Kiminori Hirose
Seiji Hongo
Momoko Kokikuchi
Nobuki Shiba
Hiroatsu Takekura
Satoru Yokouchi

A new ad from Iceland! It's great that a country that has a population of about 275,000 people has created an official Apple switch ad! It will be very interesting to see if any other ads are released from other countries. If that happens I will be updating this page to add those of course.

Einar Ôrn
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