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Apple had the best advertising commercial of the 20th century with it's "1984" commercial. (available here, if you have never seen it - it's well worth watching!) That spot only ever ran ONE time during the SuperBowl in 1984, and it was replayed hundreds of times afterward. And, TV-Guide listed it as the #1 commercial of the 20th century! Ad agencies dream of campaigns like that, and Apple certainly has an ad campaign running right now that everybody should be envious of - the "Switch" campaign. How many commercials do you ever see that are parodied as this has been?

The "Official" Apple Switch movies are very popular also - it seems like you can't watch a prime-time TV show without one popping up on screen. Consider that just a few years ago it was a surprise to see an Apple commercial on TV! We've set up an "Apple original" switch page, with commercials from all around the world. Check it out here!

The commercials / testimonials / spoofs listed below are the good, bad, and ugly of the entire parody movement based on the Apple Switch commercials. If you know of one that is missing, new, or just not here, please email me and I will be glad to add it. We are linking directly to the author's website whenever possible, and if one happens to go offline, please let me know and I will try and set up a mirror of it. We're archiving all of these commercials here at OWC. :>)


If you're looking for a desktop picture or two that are switch parody themed, check these out - it's none other than Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and the Swedish Chef from the Muppets :>) Good stuff here!


This first page contains parodies that are rated "G", we consider the content harmless.
The 2nd page has parodies that are PG or R rated. If the content in the parody can offend anybody for any reason, it's on the 2nd page. :>)
Thanks for understanding! Due to repeated emails about a few specific ads, we felt it was necessary to separate the ads in this manner.

QuickTime, QuickTime 6, Macromedia Flash or Windows Movie Player are required to view these movies.

Multiple sizes, MPEG-4
Will Ferrell Switch ad. Run at MacWorld New York, never aired on TV or listed in the main Apple "Switch" site. A must see - Will is one funny guy!

See 2 more new switch ads starring Will on the new Apple parody page HERE!

A great PowerLogix switch commercial - parodied directly on the Microsoft "anti switch" ad that they tried to get us to believe. Yeah, right - like anybody would switch from a Mac to a PC!

3.8MB, QuickTime

148k, Flash
Who would have thought that little Anakin Skywalker could switch to the dark side? A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away George Lucas sure did. :>)
OWC's previous network administrator Rob talks about why he switched to the Mac. In this truly original switch parody, a real change comes over a once devoted PC user. :>)
This is a MUST SEE!!

5.8MB, QuickTime

5.2MB, QuickTime
Ellie Giovanetti's switch ad. Ellie does a GREAT job talking about how her Dad switched the family to using a Mac!
Macs. Why switch back to PC? Macs are for cool, smart people!

320k, Flash

2.3MB, QuickTime
Kristofer Straub - "It was like living in a town of terror!"
Bait and Switch?

1.0MB, QuickTime

364k, QuickTime
Who loves Mac? Apparently, I do. :>)

(not really a parody, but too good to not include)

This is a hilarious parody. If you've seen a lot of switch commercials, then this one needs no words - it's a riot!

3.5MB, QuickTime

4.9MB, QuickTime
Lego Switch ad - a very well done parody, be concerned about Legos bent on world domination. :>)
Yes, using a PC can make you quite cranky, can't it?

632k, QuickTime

1.3MB, QuickTime
Tweek will NEVER be calm, even after switching to a Mac!
Animated by
Shpadoinkle Animations
Dance, Steve, Dance! If you have never seen Steve Ballmer, AKA "MonkeyBoy" dance around the stage chanting to the devoted Microsoft developer core, then watch this and be afraid... VERY afraid!

3.5MB, QuickTime

868k, Flash
Big brother is gloating over his acquisition of Apple.
Bill really has nothing but trouble since he uses Windows. I bet he wishes he used Mac OS X.

616k, Flash

668k, Flash
Dude, if that other company finds out I did this commercial, I'll be out of a job!
This is a switch parody by Rick Dolishny. He won 2nd place in a recent competition with this! :>)

1.4MB, QuickTime

3.5MB, QuickTime
Another Anakin Skywalker switch parody. There is speculation of which parody came first, this one or the one previously listed that is a flash movie, but no matter what - they are both great!
Gateway Cow Switch parody - this one is funny! :>) Hopefully the cow isn't under investigation by the SEC.

3.1MB, QuickTime

1.0MB, QuickTime
Bill Gates Switch Ad. This one is funny if you like the Ellen Feiss ad, it's her switch ad overdubbed onto Bill Gates :>)
Han Solo Switch Ad by Jeremy West. This one is a definite must see! Very well done with excellent dialog. Every Star Wars fan will laugh at it :>)

3.8MB, QuickTime

1.0MB, QuickTime
This is a switch ad for Erin Ozturk. He describes computer life for a 4-year old and about the "blue game" on the PC (Blue Screen of Death). And about the wonderful games on the Mac.
This is a slide show by Ryan Farnes. It's not really a switch movie, but more of a why he thinks PCs are better than Macs.

1.1MB, QuickTime

260k, Flash
Torg Torgesson used to hate doumbeks — and doumbek players — with a passion. But then one day he learned something that changed his mind forever.
Eddie Caplan sent in this switch commercial, it's quite a switch for this PC

336k, Flash

3.9MB, QuickTime
One of two new "Apple Spoof" switch ads-
Will Ferrell reveals another side of Santa.

Santa and Lawyers

One of two new "Apple Spoof" switch ads-
Will Ferrell reveals another side of Santa.

Santa's iPod

3.9MB, QuickTime

2.5MB, QuickTime
Lily Blaustein talks about the always present sibling rivalry battle with her brother... a PC user.
Paula Sills talks about how difficult it was making new friends at her church, Crossroads Christian.

5.5MB, QuickTime

5.5MB, QuickTime
Tom Khoe talks about how going to church helped bring his life all together.
Roger Walters discovered what happens when he switched. From Coca-Cola to George Dickel Tennesee Whisky.

1.5MB, QuickTime

8.9MB, QuickTime
Taylor Jones feels that her new iPod makes her powerful since it has changed her life - it makes it much easier to steal music.
Ivan Cash loves Apple's iApps - they make his Mac a personal entertainment system.

935k, QuickTime

2.7MB, QuickTime
Tate is ridiculed by his friends for buying a "Fruity Computer" - a turquoise iMac
Steve is a super-villian that uses Linux. Linux gives him the power to hold the world for ransom.
(not a switch movie, but still funny!)

659k, Flash

360k, Flash
All Your Base Are Switch To Mac.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
This is a modification of one of the Japanese Switch Ads (click HERE to see those) - it stars Momo Kokikuchi in a rap video on a jumbotron TV.

185k, QuickTime

13.8MB, QuickTime
Gus from - Gus plays games. Well, he used to. :>)
This must have been done on a PC, because the file size is about 4x what it should be.
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More parodies, but these cross a line for us, we list these in the pure pursuit of offering a central point for all parody links.