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MacBook Pro 15" 2.0GHz Dissasembly

MacBook Pro 15" 2.0GHz

A new OWC record. Machine received about 10:30 2/21/06 - and already dissasembled, pictures taken, and posted to the web by 1PM. Not even enough time to benchmark this system! :>)

2/22/06 5PM update. Benchmarking completed: available HERE.

Video dissasembly available HERE. seems to be hitting the page a lot today!

IMG_9604.JPG IMG_9609.JPG IMG_9610.JPG
IMG_9612.JPG IMG_9601.JPG IMG_9602.JPG
IMG_9600.JPG IMG_9599.JPG IMG_9597.JPG
IMG_9587.JPG IMG_9588.JPG IMG_9592.JPG
IMG_9593.JPG IMG_9615.JPG IMG_9616.JPG
IMG_9619.JPG IMG_9620.JPG IMG_9617.JPG