Backup/Upgrade Apple TV HD

Sure you can remote manage your Apple TV content from a Mac on your network, but even so - wouldn't it be nice to have a larger hard drive inside? And even if that isn't a concern - the possibility of the drive failing if you're outside of warranty ought to be.

Here's a two for one. Upgrade your current AppleTV hard drive to one that's larger and then put the old drive somewhere safe as the means to restore another drive should a drive failure occur. There is some software you'll need to buy + the new hard drive + adapter or enclosure for the existing drive. The software has value beyond just this function and the cost is still reasonable when considering the benefit compared to the $100 difference Apple charges just to upgrade from 40GB to 160GB when buying new today. Other than the capacity of the hard drive inside, all AppleTVs are essentially equal. Now yours can be 'equal plus some'.

OWC's Jamie Dresser has put a very detailed step by step together for this. Online now - enjoy!

For those of you who would rather leave this kind of thing to the pros, OWC is now offering 250GB upgrade service for AppleTV for $179.99 including pickup and return. The new 250GB drive is installed and made all ready for ya, and your old drive is returned with the AppleTV.

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