Quick Tip: Flip4Intel Windows Media player update!

Kind of a quick and easy one this week and timing is everything. In a previous newsletter, a quick tip covered the use of Flip4Mac for the easy integration into Quicktime support needed for Windows Media. Although maybe not an everyday need, occasionally I get a file or hit a site where Windows Media is needed... Sites like MSNBC just don't offer Quicktime streaming. :)

As of July 19th, there was no version of Flip4Mac supported for Intel. This tip was originally written with credit given to the 'non-hack' Intel workaround I found and tested from OSNews. Well - good thing I did another quick check - end of last week the new Intel supported version was just released. :)

Flip4Mac v2.1 Intel+PCC universal is now available and whether you have a PowerPC or Intel processor-based Mac - this is the seamless and free solution for your Windows Media file accessibility needs.

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