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Must Have AppleJack Utility now for Intel Macs too!
by Larry O'Connor

This is going to be a very 'quick tip' indeed. AppleJack, covered in the August 9th newsletter, is a must have maintenance tool + get ya out of trouble maybe saver.

It's been available for PowerPC Macs for quite some time and now the long awaited Universal version with Intel support is finally out.

AppleJack operates from single terminal mode and is a clean, safe way to repair permissions, clean up system caches, clear bad preference files from your OS X. All of that is just good, general maintenance to keep your OS X operating correctly for best, most reliable performance. What's more, is that should something go South on you - more often than not, booting into single user mode and running AppleJack has a good chance to bail your OS out.

We personally use this application at OWC and are darn happy to that's it support is now extended to the Intel Macs as well. And... this latest version also adds a convenient memory test as well.

This is an application I'd pay for. But actually being provided at no cost at all, value doesn't get any better than that. A big thanks to the author. Enjoy.