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Nifty FireFox Weather Plug-In
By: Larry O'Connor

I've been a big fan and been using the FireFox Web Browser on my Mac for well over a year now. The relatively recent 2.0x release is a huge winner (IMHO) and looking forward to the 3.0x version under development now. FireFox is fast, free, and uncluttered. Safari isn't anything to scoff at, and in the end it's about user preference.... I prefer FireFox.

Now Duane, a long time OWC Technical Support Rep, has given me one more thing to like about FireFox with his first ever Quick Tip article. In short it covers a particular useful plug-in that I've yet to see for Safari. The ForecastFox plugin lets updated forecast information be displayed via icons in any of several locations on your browser window. Personally, I selected the bookmark bar location. These icons indicate current weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc), when you mouse over pop a current radar map and additional details, and when you click on the icon it takes you to the accuweather page to see the full details.

Sure you can use an OS X widget - but it's just so darn nice having that info right there displayed for at a glance weather status displayed. If you're a FireFox user already, I believe you'll truly appreciate this plug-in. If you're not, well - something else that might just have ya giving it a chance.


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