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Play Windows Media via Quicktime
by Larry O'Connor

While there is substantial support for Apple's quicktime standard, that doesn't mean 100%. There is a lot of content out there, as well as various sites - that only offer .WMV (windows media video) format or the Windows Media Video Streaming when it comes to their video content. Installing Microsoft windows media player for Mac is one option... but far more seamless and convenient is the excellent 'Flip4Mac' component set.

Although it doesn't appear to support Intel Macs yet, the current v2.02 version is well optimized for PPC Macs. Flip4Mac is a quick download, easy auto-install - and then seamlessly allows the quicktime player and quicktime player plug-ins, such as those that let you watch those Apple movie trailers via web browser, to playback Windows Media format video.

You can also upgrade from the standard player to their Pro version which further allows importing, editing, and exporting of WMV as well. Whether you upgrade to Pro or just stick with the no cost player - it's totally slick being able to watch that WMV content without needing that MicroSoft application to do so.

I've been only been using Flip4Mac for a few weeks now and only wish I'd learned about it sooner.