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Remote Control other Macs
by Larry O'Connor

No, this isn't some sneaky way to take over unsuspecting user's Macs... Rather it's about a way to help others or help yourself by remote control access to other Macs on your network.

Applications for this include doing maintenance on another Mac, installing updates, etc - from your Mac. Multi-task to the max in that respect, working a way on not just your Mac, but getting things squared away on another as well. Maybe you've got a Mac that's a media server in another room. Use to control Macs that are headless, no displays attached. Whatever it is - there are definitely times when being able to control that other Mac right from your Mac can come in handy.

While there are commercial applications you can buy to do this, OWC's Chris Stevens shows you one that won't break the bank - cause it's free. The technical term for what these remote control apps enable is Virtual Network Computing and Chris's article on the 'Chicken of the VNC' application will have you remote controlling in no time.

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