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TV on Mac options spelled out
by Larry O'Connor

Turning your Mac into a multi-media center/DVR is easier than ever thanks primarily due to Elgato. What's not as clear is the benefit of one Elgato product vs. another. With that I'm referring to the Hybrid vs. the 250+ - it's a steep price difference and with the exception of the hardware encoding feature of the 250+, all else seems to the same about them.

OWC's Chris Stevens has put together a nice little Quick Tip Summary on the Elgato offerings - including a look and testing of the Turbo H.264. After you get that video into your Mac, you may want to convert it for use in iTunes/iPod/etc... and that nifty goodie makes the conversion fast and without the slow down to other work you'd like to be doing at the same time. Enjoy!

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