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Web Browsing link previewing
by Larry O'Connor

Sometimes it can be frustrating clicking on various links only to find it wasn't what you needed and/or thought it was. This can especially be the case with search results from a search engine where it may take several click and go backs to find what you were actually seeking for.

Cooliris seems to be a step in the right direction. This plugin loads a preview window so you can see what a link goes to without actually leaving the original page. Having used it for a day now, I find overall I like it - but takes some getting used to.

Long time OWC team member and regular newsletter contributor M. Chris Stevens has put together a nice summary explanation on this CoolIris plug in to help you decide for yourself.

As it's available for multiple browsers, including FireFox and Safari, it may just be the seamless solution that helps take browser efficiency that one notch higher. Certainly this plug in will only get better over time, and it's definitely got a good start IMHO.

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