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Install Videos / Mac mini (Late 2012) / OWC Data Doubler
Mac mini 2009
Mac mini (Late 2012)
Step-by-step video of how to install a second drive with an OWC Data Doubler.
OWC Skill Level: "Challenging"
Duration: 7:26
Model ID: Macmini6,1, & Macmini6,2
How to find your Mac's Model ID
Install Tips:
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How to add a Second Drive to a Mac mini (2012) using the OWC Data Doubler SSD/2.5" Installation Kit OWC Video Transcript Download as PDF (713 KB) Skill Level Challenging Time to Complete Approximately 45 Minutes Tools You'll Need
  • Required tools are included with installation kit
Before Proceeding Make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your data.
  • Perform upgrade using proper anti-static precautions
  • Discharge static electricity before beginning
  • Work on a static free surface
Part One: Removing the Lower Bracket
The first step is to flip the Mac mini over.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 1 - Flip Mac mini over
Next, rotate the bottom cover counterclockwise until the 2 white dots located at the top are aligned.
Then, lift the bottom cover off. Use a nylon pry tool to assist if needed.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 2a Mac Mini 2012 Step 2b Mac Mini 2012 Step 2c
The next step is to remove the memory from the system. Do so by pushing outward on the retaining clips until the top module pops up, you can then slide it out.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 3a Mac Mini 2012 Step 3b Mac Mini 2012 Step 3c
Repeat the process for the lower module.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 4
Next, use a Torx T6 screwdriver to loosen the 3 screws that hold the fan assembly in place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 5 - Loosen 3 screws
Once the screws are loosened, gently lift the fan up and to the side to reveal the fan connector.
Use a nylon pry tool to lift up on the connector and detach it from the logic board. Be careful to only lift up on the connector itself and not the socket that it is in. Once the fan is disconnected you can set it aside.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 6a Mac Mini 2012 Step 6b
Next, remove these 3 2mm Hex screws. If you dont have a Hex wrench you can use a Torx T8 screwdriver instead, however, do so gently to avoid stripping the screws.
Step 7
Then, remove these 2 Torx T8 screws.
Step 8a
Carefully lift the Antenna grate up and then slide it out and off to the side. Be careful as there is still an Airport cable connecting the grate to the system.
To disconnect the Airport cable, first lift up on the flap covering the connector and then use a nylon pry tool to gently detach it. The antenna grate can then be set aside.
Step 8b Step 9b
Remove the Torx T6 screw holding the left cowling in place. Use tweezers to assist you if needed.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 10a
Gently slide the left cowling out and set it aside.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 10
Then remove the single Torx T6 screw in the lower left of the logic board.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 12
Next, use a nylon pry tool to lift the SATA connector of the stock drive up and out of its socket.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 13a Mac Mini 2012 Step 13b
Now insert the logic board removal tool into these 2 holes on the logic board.
Pull back gently on the removal tool to slide the logic board slightly towards the back of the Mac
This will give you enough room to detach the IR cable from the logic board. Use a nylon pry tool to gently disconnect the connector. Be careful not to lift up on the socket itself.
Pull back a bit further and you will have enough room to disconnect the power supply cable. You can then slide the logic board completely out of the system and set it aside.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 14a Mac Mini 2012 Step 14b Mac Mini 2012 Step 14c Mac Mini 2012 Step 14d
Next, reach in and pull the hard drive from the Mac mini and set it to the side as well.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 15
Then, remove these 2 Torx T6 screws.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 16
Next, remove the power supply. First, slide the small retaining clip out from under the power socket.
Then turn the power socket 90 degrees counterclockwise.
You can now slide the power supply out of the Mac mini.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 17a Mac Mini 2012 Step 17b Mac Mini 2012 Step 17c
Finally, lift the carrier up and out of the Mac mini being careful not to damage the IR board in the process.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 18
Part Two: Installing the New Drive in the Drive Bracket
There are 4 rubber grommets that come with the installation kit, install these grommets in the 4 holes in the carrier.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 19a Mac Mini 2012 Step 19b Mac Mini 2012 Step 19c
Next, connect the SATA ribbon cable that came with the installation kit to the new drive. Then fold the ribbon cable so that it lays flat against the drive.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 20a Mac Mini 2012 Step 20b
With the cable in place, position the drive in the carrier so that the SATA cable is on top and on the opposite side of the bracket from the IR sensor cable.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 21
Then, use the 4 Torx T8 screws that came with the installation kit to secure the drive in the carrier. Insert these screws in the same holes that the grommets were installed in.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 21
Part Three: Replacing the Drive and Drive Bracket
Slide the drive carrier back into the Mac mini making sure that the screw holes in the carrier line up with the receptacles in the case.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 23
Next, reinstall the power supply making sure that the tab on the end slides into the slot in the case.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 24a Mac Mini 2012 Step 24b Mac Mini 2012 Step 24c
Then, secure the carrier and power supply using the 2 T6 screws that were removed earlier.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 25
Position the power socket back into the mini and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.
Then slide the retainer clip back in to hold the socket in place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 26a Mac Mini 2012 Step 26b
Next, slide the logic board about 2/3 of the way back into the system.
Then, reconnect the power cable.
Push the logic board in a bit further and reattach the IR sensor cable by gently pressing it back into its socket.
With the cables reconnected you can push the logic board in completely.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 27a Mac Mini 2012 Step 27b Mac Mini 2012 Step 27c Mac Mini 2012 Step 27d
The original drive can now be replaced. Slide the drive back into the system making sure the pins on the drive go into the grommets in the system. This may take some manuevering.
Note:You can slide a business card between the drives to assist in positioning the upper drive into the grommets. Be sure to remove the business card once the drive is seated.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 28a Mac Mini 2012 Step 28c
Next, connect the SATA cables to the logic board. Line them up over their respective sockets and press down gently until they snap into place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 29
Slide the left cowling back into place. Then secure it with the Torx T6 screw that holds it in place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 30a Mac Mini 2012 Step 30b
Reattach the Airport cable by pulling back on the plastic flap and gently pressing the connector into its socket.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 31
Then slide the antenna grate back into place so that it sits flush and secure it with the 2 Torx T8 screws that were removed earlier.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 32a Mac Mini 2012 Step 32b
Next, replace the 3 Hex screws around the edge. If using a Torx T8 screwdriver be careful not strip the screws by pressing too hard or over tightening.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 33
Then, replace the single Torx T6 screw in the lower left of the logic board.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 34
Now reattach the fan assembly connector to its socket on the logic board.
Then position the fan assembly and tighten the 3 Torx T6 screws that hold it in place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 35a Mac Mini 2012 Step 35b
Next, replace the memory modules. Make sure the notch on the memory module lines up with the pin in the memory bay, then slide a module into the lower slot at about a 40 degree angle until it is fully seated.
Finally, press down on the module until it clicks into place.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 36a Mac Mini 2012 Step 36b Mac Mini 2012 Step 36c Mac Mini 2012 Step 36d
Repeat the process with the top module.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 37a Mac Mini 2012 Step 37b
Place the bottom cover back onto the Mac mini making sure that the 2 white dots line up.
Then rotate the cover clockwise until the black and white dots are aligned.
With the bottom cover secure you can flip the Mac mini over.
The installation is now complete!
Now you can begin formatting the new drive, along with transferring your data and OS over if necessary. Please visit for more details.
Mac Mini 2012 Step 38a Mac Mini 2012 Step 38b Mac Mini 2012 Step 38c

Thank you for choosing OWC as your upgrade provider. For additional assistance with this upgrade, please contact our award-winning technical support team, available 24x7.