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Experience the true speed of your Mac with an OWC SSD flash storage upgrade.

Upgrade the internal storage of your Mac.

If your Mac is running out of storage and you need more internal space, an SSD upgrade is the best upgrade for you. Not only can you increase the storage of nearly any Mac, but you will also notice an upgrade in overall performance if your Mac still utilizes a hard drive instead of an SSD.

Upgrading the hard drive or SSD in your Mac is easier than you think.

Many Mac users still do not realize that their hard drive or SSD is upgradeable, and they believe that to have more storage, they must purchase a new Mac. Although this is increasingly true for more recent MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, the SSDs and hard drives of nearly all Apple iMac and Mac Pro desktops are still upgradeable. Additionally, if you have a 2016 or older MacBook Pro or a 2017 or older MacBook Air, you can upgrade your internal storage up to 2.0TB. And you do not have to be an Apple technician to upgrade safely – you can do it yourself. The upgrade is much more straightforward than you might think.

At OWC, we strongly believe Mac users should have the option to upgrade and improve their existing technology instead of having to purchase a new computer every 2-4 years. Even if you have never opened up your Mac before, we strive to make the upgrade process as easy and straightforward as possible. We offer complete DIY SSD upgrade kits, step-by-step SSD installation videos, and expert customer support who are more than happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. OWC proudly stands by the quality of our SSDs – all OWC SSDs are backed by a Limited Warranty for up to 5 years of worry-free service.