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Clutch Cover Panel
For Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Mid 2013 to Early 2015

This replacement clutch cover panel is the exact model that Apple uses in the 11-inch MacBook Air from mid-2013 to early 2015. Replace a damaged clutch cover panel in your MacBook Air.
Installation Services Available Too
While OWC encourages the DIY philosophy, this is an involved installation that requires advanced skills. Professional installation is available.

Product Specifications:

Apple Part Number

  • 076-1438


  • Black


  • Plastic
Manufacturer provided specifications for Apple p/n 076-1438
This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch Early 2015)
(March 2015)
Model ID: MacBookAir7,1
1.6GHz i5, 2.2GHz i7
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch Early 2014)
(April, 2014)
Model ID: MacBookAir6,1
1.4GHz, 1.7GHz
MacBook Air
MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2013)
(June, 2013)
Model ID: MacBookAir6,1
1.3GHz, 1.7GHz


  • (1) Replacement Clutch Cover Panel

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Reviewer: DizzyPeacock-849
Rating: 1/5 The only purchase from OWC that I regretted. June 30, 2021 I bought this part as my Macbook Air had a cracked hinge. I could not find instructions anywhere, and the new hinge catches each time I open it.

The good news is that I found another on AliExpress and have ordered it. Only $5 so it is probably a cheapie, but it includes a video on how to install.

Response from OWC, Support June 30, 2021 Hi DizzyPeacock! I'm sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the replacement clutch cover panel. Apple service parts generally don't have instructions if the Service Source for the compatible Mac isn't available online. Have you already contacted us on support@owc.com to discuss this further?
Apple Clutch Cover Panel For Apple MacBook Air 11-inch Mid 2013 to Early 2015 Mfr P/N: 076-1438 OWC SKU: APL0761438 Replacement Clutch for Apple MacBook Air 11-inch A1465 90 Day OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty Ships: Same Day
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