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SorboGel Q Feet
Vibration Damping & Audio Isolation System

Audio Isolation at Its Finest
AudioQuest's SorboGel Q Feet can breathe new life into your system by damping unwanted vibrations, allowing your audio system to sing deeper and further into the music. One particular place that the Q Feet is particularly effective is under any spinning mechanism, be it a disc player, turntable, or hard-drive/computer combination. Spinning mechanisms do not like their own vibrations, or others for that matter.
What is SorboGel?
SorboGel is a dense visco-elastic polymer in a semi-liquid/semi-solid state. Very long molecules are able to "wiggle", turning incoming kinetic energy (vibration) into an insignificant amount of heat.
So, Why is it Shaped Like a Q?
The shape of the foot makes a very big difference. The partial hole in the center increases compliance and horizontal surface. The extra vertical surface means more movement of the material is possible, and therefor more kinetic energy can be lost (turned into heat). The damping aspect of Q Feet is often more important than the isolation ability ... though it is the non-specific frequency ability to both damp and isolate which makes Q Feet so universally effective. Q Feet are effective over a very wide band, the only strong caveat is to make sure that under a turntable or other more-than-average sensitive device, that the Q Feet are not pressed down on so hard that they lose their compliance. It's always more effective when there's "give" left, just more give is required to be most effective in such applications.
Easy to Install
Q-Feet are used with the flat, soft SorboGel side against the underside of the equipment and the PVC tray side facing the furniture or floor on which your equipment rests. In addition to protecting furniture, Q-Feet are more effective as a system with their PVC trays in place. Each Q Foot will support up to 6.5 pounds, so this set of four supports equipment up to 26 pounds. Excess weight compresses Q-Feet, compromising isolation and absorption. For heavier equipment, simply use more Q-Feet.

Whether your system is comprised of analog components featuring a turntable, or a computer-audio system with either platter based drive or SSDs (Solid-State Drives), Q-Feet are a stealth weapon that you won't see, but you will certainly hear the beautifully improved sound.

Product Specifications:

AudioQuest Part Number



  • Four SorboGel Feet
  • Four PVC Trays
  • Manual

Dimensions (each)

  • 3.6" x 3.0" x 0.9" (9.1 x 7.6 x 2.3 cm)

Weight (total)

  • 1.2 lbs. (540 g)
Manufacturer provided specifications for AudioQuest p/n SORBOQSET UPC#: 092592051980


AudioQuest SorboGel Q Feet Vibration Damping and Audio Isolation System Mfr P/N: SORBOQSET OWC SKU: AUQSORBOQSET Set of 4 energy absorbing feet with matching PVC trays which isolates components from external vibrations and absorbs resonances generated within the components themselves. AudioQuest 1 Year Limited Warranty
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