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Stand with Weighted Beanbag Base for Tablets and All iPad Models

A Stand Made for Lounging
View Your iPad/Tablet Comfortably
Comfortably use and view your Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Kindle, or other Tablet anywhere in your home with the Belkin ViewLounge. This versatile stand features a weighted beanbag base that conforms and grips to many surfaces — allowing you to use your Tablet on soft or uneven surfaces like a bed or sofa armrest.

The stand's case-friendly design works with your Tablet positioned in landscape or portrait mode, and you can easily adjust the angle of your iPad/Tablet to switch between typing and viewing modes. With an attractive design that lends itself to any home decor, the ViewLounge is a stylish and practical solution that will help you get the most from your iPad or Tablet.
iPad / Tablet Stand Designed for Lounging
The Belkin ViewLounge makes it easy to rest your Tablet on uneven surfaces, like the armrest of a couch or the corner of your bed, so you can use your tablet in comfort. Its weighted beanbag base conforms to virtually any surface and features a grippy texture to ensure the stand rests securely — even on soft surfaces. Thanks to the ViewLounge's compact and portable design, you can easily move your tablet from seat-to-seat and room-to-room.
Fully Adjustable for Versatile Viewing
With the ViewLounge you can use your tablet in both landscape and portrait modes, making it easy to type out messages, surf the Web, and watch videos while you lounge. The stand is also fully adjustable so you can control the precise angle of your iPad/Tablet. Adjust to a vertical position for watching movies, or simply rest your Tablet on the rubber base for easy typing. By allowing you to keep one or both of your hands free, the ViewLounge is an essential tool for getting the best possible experience from your iPad/Tablet.

Product Specifications: *Updated for 2015*

Belkin Part Number

  • F5L089tt


  • Black stand
  • Brown base


  • Beanbag weighted base

Viewing Angles

  • Portrait
  • Landscape


  • iPad (original)
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3rd gen
  • iPad 4th Gen (Retina)
  • iPad Air & Air 2
  • Kindle
  • Nearly any tablet up to 12.1"


  • 5.70" x 5.10" x 1.50" (14.48 x 12.95 x 3.81 cm)


  • 1.6lb (0.73kg)


Manufacturer provided specifications for Belkin p/n F5L089tt UPC#: 722868812112



  • Belkin ViewLounge stand
Belkin ViewLounge Stand with Weighted Beanbag Base for Tablets and All iPad Models Mfr P/N: F5L089tt OWC SKU: BLKF5L089TT Comfortably view your iPad/Tablet on this surface-gripping, case-friendly stand. Belkin 1 Year Limited Warranty
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