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Audio/Video & USB Sync Cable

iPhone / iPad / iPod / USB2.0 / RCA Connectors / 30-pin Dock Connector
Share Movies, Pictures, & Music
A perfect way to hook up your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your TV
Macally AVcable provides video and audio output for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone with 30-pin Dock Connector. Connect your iDevice to your TV or entertainment system and watch videos, slideshows, and pictures with friends and family.
Get more from your iPod or iPhone
The Macally AVcable also allows you to connect your iPod or iPhone to your powered stereo speakers to get a room–filling experience. You can even use the AVCable II as a sync/charger cable between your computer and iPhone or iPod.
Simple to use
Using the Macally AVcable is simple and convenient. Simply connect the three RCA connectors of the AVCable into your TV's RCA AV input connectors, making sure to match the connector colors (yellow – video, red – right audio, and white – left audio). Use your TV's remote control to select your input, make sure to connect the other end to your iPad, iPhone, or other iDevice, and you're ready to go. For powered stereo speakers, just connect the red and
white RCA connectors for an enjoyable audio connection. Enjoy all of your videos, pictures, and music effortlessly with the Macally AVcable.

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Note: iPhone not included

Product Specifications:

Macally Part Number



  • White


  • USB 2.0 Type A
  • RCA Connectors
  • 30-pin Dock Connector

Cable Length

  • 6' (1.83m)


Manufacturer provided specifications for Macally p/n MACAVCABLEII UPC#: 701107488639


This product is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
iPad 1st Generation
(January, 2010)
Model ID: A1219, A1337
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 2
iPad 2nd Generation
(March, 2011)
Model ID: iPad2,1; iPad2,2; iPad2,3; iPad2,4
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPad 3rd Generation
iPad 3rd Generation
(March, 2012)
Model ID: iPad3,1; iPad3,2; iPad3,3
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPhone 1st Generation
(January, 2007)
Model ID: A1203
4GB, 8GB, 16GB
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G
(June, 2008)
Model ID: A1241
8GB, 16GB
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS
(June, 2009)
Model ID: A1303
8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPhone 4
iPhone 4 (GSM)
(June, 2010)
Model ID: A1332
16GB, 32GB
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
(October, 2011)
Model ID: A1387
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPod Touch 1
iPod Touch 1st Gen
(September, 2007)
Model ID: A1213
8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPod Touch 2
iPod Touch 2nd Gen
(September, 2008)
Model ID: A1288
8GB, 16GB, 32GB
iPod Touch 3
iPod Touch 3rd Gen
(September, 2009)
Model ID: A1318
32GB, 64GB
iPod Touch 4
iPod Touch 4th Gen
(September, 2010)
Model ID: A1367
8GB, 32GB, 64GB

Note: Also Compatible with all iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod Classic models with 30-pin dock connector.


Included Items
  • AVCable II
  • USB AC charger
  • User's guide
Macally AVcable Audio/Video & USB Sync Cable Mfr P/N: MACAVCABLEII OWC SKU: MACAVCABLEII Your 30-pin device connects effortlessly to a TV with standard audio/video cables. Also includes a USB cord and charger so you can stay charged while you watch videos on your TV. Macally 1 Year Limited Warranty
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