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Battery Charger/Conditioner

Intelligent Battery Charging Station.
Keep your batteries at their best!

Do you have more than one battery for your MacBook Pro 15" Unibody?
Looking to keep your laptop's battery or batteries at their best? The NewerTech Intelligent Battery Charging Station is the solution you've been waiting for!

The NewerTech Battery Charger & Conditioner charges two batteries one after the other or charges one while conditioning and charging another battery. Not only does this product charge your batteries quickly and correctly, but the deep conditioning feature can both extend the life of your battery, as well as bring back additional life to a battery that's started to show its age.

You're probably asking yourself why you need to condition your batteries. Aren't the Li-Ion batteries immune to the "memory effects" that plagued the old style NiMh batteries? Yes, they are - to a point! It is always best to exercise the battery cells to get the longest life and most runtime possible. And instead of the hassle of charging and draining, charging and draining, charging and draining, this charger makes conditioning a simple, painless task!

With such maintenance, you'll be sure to get the longest runtimes over the longest lifetime possible. Whether for your stock Apple battery, or for one of our industry leading NewerTech batteries, this product will help you to get the most from your battery by being an extremely convenient way to keep them charged and ready to go.
NewerTech® Battery Charger/Conditioner for MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mfr P/N: BATCAPUMB15 OWC SKU: NWTBATCAPUMB15 2 Year Newer Technology Limited Warranty
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