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1440mAh NuPower Battery

for Apple iPhone 5

Professional Installation Recommended
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NewerTech has the 1440mAh replacement battery you need to replace a diminished Apple original battery!

The Newer Technology replacement battery uses the same Lithium-Polymer battery technology as the original battery that Apple used.
Professional Installation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
We will assume no liability if you upgrade your own iPhone battery. Professional installation is RECOMMENDED.


  • Newer Technology Battery
This battery is compatible with...
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
(September, 2012)
Model ID: A1428, A1429
16GB, 32GB, 64GB


Product Specifications:



  • 1440mAh


  • 3.8V

Battery Composition

  • Lithium-ion Polymer (the same battery technology as Apple)


  • 1.0 oz.


  • CE
  • RoHS


  • 1 Year NewerTech Product Limited Warranty more info

Customer Ratings

Write a Review 4.7 / 5 7 out of 7 (100%) reviewers would recommend this product
Verified Buyer
Reviewer: adventurousnewbie Location: Northern New Jersey Age: 45-54 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: over 6 months
Rating: 5/5 So far so good December 28, 2016 This iPhone 5 replacement battery is for my wife's, and when it comes to getting a replacement I've always believed in OWC's products and the support they always provide for making replacement so easy with do-it-yourself videos that give you the confidence to tackle these yourself. So, it has been over 1 month since we replaced the battery and so far so good. My wife is very happy with the life after a full charge that would last at least 1.5 days at times longer depending on usage.

Thank you OWC.

I would recommend this item to a friend! Customer Videos:

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: prof
Rating: 5/5 Not so hard, with the right tools September 3, 2016 A fairly easy install, IF you have the right tools. The .08mm pentalobe screws which hold the case closed are HUGE compared to the screws which await you within.

1) You ABSOLUTELY need a good magnetized 000 Philips screwdriver. The screws are way TOO SMALL to handle any other way. 2) I suggest affixing a piece of masking tape (sticky side up) to your work surface, to hold the screws as you remove them. Place them on the masking tape in the arrangement they belong in --- this will prevent them from getting lost and will help you to remember which screw goes where, during the reassembly. 3) Yes, you want an iSClack to remove the screen. Figure that into the cost of the upgrade. 4) The hardest part is lifting out the battery (which is securely glued in place). The pull-tab helps, but (in my experience) needs to be supplemented with a little gentle prying. Be careful not to damage the logic board in the process. 5) It's not emphasized in the video, but you DO need to calibrate your new battery (letting it drain all the way and then recharge fully -- leaving it plugged in to the charge for at least a couple of hours AFTER it nominally reads 100%) to get full benefit from the new higher-capacity battery.

I would recommend this item to a friend! Customer Videos:

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Temple City, CA Age: 35-44 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 4/5 Decent battery June 20, 2016 Original OEM battery was at 77% original capacity, swelling and threatening to pop the front of my iPhone 5 off so I ordered this and 7 Piece Toolkit (see my review of that) to fix it. The NewerTech arrived and it had a 2012 manufacturing date stamped on it, which was slightly concerning as lithium-ion batteries don't do well sitting on a shelf for too long due to risk of over-discharge. However, I decided to install it anyway and it showed 40% charge so it was still good. After a couple of full cycles for calibration I'm showing it to be 97% of the capacity of the original new battery so I'm satisfied.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Des Moines, IA Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Amazing battery life! December 1, 2015 My iPhone 5 got to the point that I was charging several times a day. I took it in to The Apple Store, and it showed about 30% of its capacity was all that remained. But, they wanted $80 to put in a new one. A little research later, and I found this one at MacSales.com, one of my favorite vendors, for so much less. I ordered that battery and the tool kit to make for easier installation at the same time, still at just over 25% of what Apple wanted. Yes, I found a video online and did the installation myself and yes, it is not for the faint of heart. There are screws in the iPhone about the size of grains of salt, if not smaller. But, I am no spring chicken and still managed to see them and get them in and out just fine. In fact, once I did my iPhone and had such great results, I did my son's as well with the same great results. Those results? I actually have gone from charging my iPhone several times a day to sometimes charging every OTHER day! Bottom line? This is a great purchase.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 4/5 improved iPhone 5 behavior November 8, 2015 iPhone 5 works much better with the new battery. Coconut Battery app shows 95% battery health. Showed 0 loading cycles when installed, indicating a new battery, which is often not the case with other vendors.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Toronto, Canada
Rating: 5/5 Brilliant July 13, 2015 Works exactly as expected. Worth paying a bit more to get a reliable product!

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Salt Lake City, UT Age: 25-34 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 5/5 Just what I wanted June 6, 2015 You know how it is—you look around for a replacement battery for your iPhone and want to get the best bang for your buck, so you order some chinese brand battery from somewhere online hoping that it'll work. And it does...for a time and then everything goes down the toilet. Even ordering from a reputable place like that has prime shipping, where there are mixed reviews, but it's a good place to shop so you take the risk...and the battery eventually goes down the toilet sooner than it ever should. Anyways, I looked all around and considered buying from a site that has prime shipping, or some other reputable online stores, but they all had enough of a "negative" thread throughout the reviews to make me antsy. I bought a few HDD's and tools from OWC through the years and have yet to be let down, so I figured the iPhone replacement battery should work like I want. It did! Having to plug my phone in all the time was getting really old and replacing the battery myself was the cheaper way of doing it. Been using the battery for just over a month and it's been working great! When replacing the battery, the OEM battery that comes in the iPhone has some industrial strength glue holding it in place. Just follow the guides that are online and have patience when taking it out because it's meant to not be taken out easily. I used the plastic spudgers things in those small tech tool kits to slowly and CAREFULLY pry up the old battery and pop it out. Inserting the new battery was a breeze, but the cable connectors need a little pressure in order to clamp them onto the circuit board connection. Once it clicks quietly into place, replace the other parts you temporarily removed and close the phone up and it should work like a charm. I'm really happy with my purchase from OWC.

It may be a bit pricier than other online stores, but honestly you get what you pay for and OWC it not shy about quality.

I would recommend this item to a friend!