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Mic Extender Cable

For iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch
The NewerTech Mic Extender Cable for iPhone lets you use your own high quality headphones with a standard size 3.5 mm connector with an iPhone's recessed jack for hands-free talk on iPhone. On/Off switch lets you pause music, take a phone call, and then resume playing music.

Compatible with:
  • All iPhone models including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
  • All iPad models including both iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3
  • iPod touch (2nd generation) and later
  • Android devices1

1. Functionality of clicker, mic and/or volume controls may vary depending upon the Android device used.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number


Cable length

  • 79.37 cm (31.25")


Customer Ratings

Write a Review 4.5 / 5 6 out of 6 (100%) reviewers would recommend this product
Verified Buyer
Reviewer: ignatiusreilly Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: over 6 months
Rating: 4/5 great functionality July 7, 2017 This is a great way to turn a pair of your favorite headphones into a phone headset. In my case, I'm using a pair of open-air Sennheisers which allow me to hear my own voice while I talk and sound fantastic on my end.

The mic on this adapter seems fine. I tested it with a Skype test call and the sound was totally clear.

It comes with a pretty long cord, maybe a little too long, but this does give you more placement flexibility if your headphones have a short cord.

These things are not terribly well-built, so I just bought extras since they're so cheap.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Simba Location: MO Age: Over 65 Experience Level: Home User Owned Product: 1-3 months
Rating: 4/5 good stuff January 16, 2017 If you are looking for a cable with Volume control, this is perfect.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Wisconsin Age: 25-34 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: over 6 months
Rating: 5/5 Excellent quality December 14, 2015 I've given up on the ideal headset. It seems I can find a pair that has good audio quality to my ears, captures & transmits good audio quality from the mic, or still feels comfortable on my head ten/thirty/sixty minutes after I put it on. But you have to pick which two you want - nothing has all three.

This little mic clip connector changes that. I plug in my favorite pair of lightweight headphones, clip the mic to my shirt, plug the cord into the computer's headset port, and everyone can both hear me and be heard by me without issue. I've been using this for over a hear and it still works perfectly fine.

If there was one thing I could change, it would be to make the cable longer. My headphones come with plenty of cable, but the tether between the mic (which must be clipped in the vicinity of my mouth/shirt collar) and the computer's headset port is quite short (reaches only from shoulder to extended fingertip) - if my setup was something other than a laptop two feet from my face, this would be a problem.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: ken1w Location: San Francisco, CA Age: 45-54 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 5/5 Many uses... November 16, 2014 I tried it on my old 1st gen iPhone, with the "recessed" headphones jack. Works as expected for the control button, including double-press and triple-press (next song and previous song). And double-press-hold and triple-press-hold (fast forward and fast reverse). Microphone works fine, and sounded better than the built-in microphone when I recorded a Voice Memo for comparison.

Same positive results with my iPhone 3GS, except the microphone was about equal to the iPhone 3GS built-in microphone.

I have an iPod nano 5th gen, which is unique for (non-iOS) iPods in having a video camera and a built-in microphone. When I plug in this microphone, it works as the iPod's microphone, and it is much better than the iPod's built-in microphone. So, if I use the iPod's video camera, I can use this microphone clipped to my shirt and get better audio. And the button works as expected for playback control, with this iPod nano.

It also works with my Mac mini (2011 model). The Mac mini does not have a built-in microphone, so this can serve as its microphone. It works as a microphone when connected to the headphones (audio out) port, not the line in port. It picks up sound just fine at about the distance of my display. I clipped it to my desk lamp. And it serves as an extension cord for headphones, allowing me to comfortably use my short-cord iPod earbuds.

For use with iPhone and iPod, I wish it had volume control buttons, in addition to the one control button; that would make it complete. Otherwise, it is a very useful product for the price.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: Anonymous Location: Philadelphia Age: 55-65 Experience Level: IT Professional Owned Product: less than a month
Rating: 4/5 decent mike at a low price November 10, 2014 This adapter works well indoors, but the cable is too short if you ask me.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

Verified Buyer
Reviewer: xyzzy Location: Dayton, OH Age: 55-65 Experience Level: Power User Owned Product: over 6 months
Rating: 5/5 Great Adapter for IOS devices - works with Mac too! May 19, 2012 My main use of this adapter is to connect my 3rd Gen iPod Touch to my van's audio system. The van has built-in Bluetooth and when a call comes in to my conventional cell phone, the audio is cut off. This is bad because I like to listen to podcasts and don't want to miss material. This used to result in a lot of fumbling around to flip open the Griffin folio case and stop playback. After the call, I would have to re-position in the podcast to resume listing. (Traffic lights seemed to delight in staying green just to prevent me from having the moments required reposition/restart safely.)

This adapter very nicely solved that problem. When a call comes in, I can pause iPod playback with one click of the button on the adapter, without even touching the iPod or its case. When the call is over, another click resumes playback. Besides the play/pause function of single clicking, a quick double click advances to the next track. It's not quite hands-free, but close. I can click it without taking my eyes off the road. One thing that this adapter lacks that some others have is volume control up/down buttons. In the attached screen shots, the IPHMICEXT is clipped to a 3.5 mm stereo to RCA phono adapter which feeds the van's audio inputs.

The marketed function of this device is to add a microphone and start/stop/next track functions to an existing set of headphones/earbuds for IOS devices. I must point out that it also works very nicely for recent Macs too. I've used this adapter with my 2009 MacBook Pro (MacBookPro5,5) to add those same functions to a plain set of headphones. Works nicely with iTunes and Skype. I haven't tried it, but it seems my Mid 2011 Mac Mini also has iPhone audio support. You can check out the Audio section of System Profiler/About This Mac to see if your model has iPhone audio support. (See screen shot.) I've also used my MBP with the NewerTech® Hands-Free Mic & Earbuds (IPHBUDMIC) as well as the Apple earbuds that came with my iPod Touch.

I would recommend this item to a friend!

NewerTech Headphone Mic Extender Cable for iPhone® and
iPod Touch 2G/3G
Mfr P/N: IPHMICEXT OWC SKU: NWTIPHMICEXT iPhone Microphone w/On-Off switch - Connects between iPhone or iPod Touch & your EarBuds! 1 Year Newer Technology Limited Warranty
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