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Microfiber Pro

Scratch free Microfiber Towel for all surfaces
The Newer Technology Scratch Free Microfiber Pro Towel offers superior cleaning without damaging the surface you're trying to protect. From iPods, to laptops, to home electronics, to waxing cars, this handy little polish towel is great for cleaning almost every surface. And, the Microfiber Pro's high-quality construction and universal cleaning power is ideal for anyone looking to maintain and preserve their investments for years to come.

The Newer Technology Microfiber Pro Towel is washable and reusable, over and over again! For best results, always wash microfiber products separate from your other laundry. Microfiber will attract lint from your other clothing or towels in the wash water which can leave residues on the microfiber surface. Do not bleach or use a fabric softener, and either line dry or use a machine dryer without any heat (air temperature only).

At 16"x16"(406.4mm x 406.4mm), the Newer Technology MicroFiber Pro towel is large enough to use even when waxing your car!


NewerTech Microfiber Pro
Scratch Free Towel
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