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RayCel Solar Mobile Phone Battery Charger

Use the RayCel™ to charge your cell phones and cameras with the power of the sun. Simply insert any 3.7 volt removable battery into the universal charging port, place the RayCel in direct sunlight, and charge. The RayCel's 1 watt solar panel charges an 800mAh phone battery in as fast as 4 hours.

Environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and a small step toward your own personal energy independence. Go Solar today!
Solar Panel
RayCel™ uses a back-contact solar cell, an ultra-efficient photovoltaic technology usually reserved for the most demanding applications, with an efficient cost to match. The grid-less front surface and n-type starting material does not suffer the initial light-induced degradation of commonly-used p-type wafers. The solar panel is packaged in an EVA + PET lamination process to protect it from UV-degradation and water damage.
The RayCel™ has very few parts - an important design feature on products made for this application, and a production decision that keeps the price as low as possible. The housing is a single part made of durable and UV-resistant ABS plastic.

*Charging conditions vary according to weather, region and time of year.
**Please note that this device is unable to charge devices with a non-removable battery (such as Apple iPhones, iPods, and some newer Nokia phones). The phone pictured above is for illustrative purposes only, and is not included with any purchase.

Product Specifications:

Nokero Part Number

  • P103


  • 1 watt efficient solar panel


  • Shatter resistant ABS frame


  • Charging & Fully Charged indicators

Operating Temperature

  • -20°C - 50°C


  • 0.2 lbs. (70 g)


      Manufacturer provided specifications for Nokero p/n P103 UPC#: 798304221411


Nokero RayCel Solar Mobile Phone Battery Charger Mfr P/N: P103 OWC SKU: NOKP103 Charge most 3.7 volt removable cell phone or camera batteries. Not for Apple iPhone, iPod or other devices with non-removeable batteries. Nokero 1 Year Limited Warranty
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