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512MB OWC Memory Upgrade Module

512MB PC100 144 Pin
15 Day Money Back Guarantee | Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty
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Product Specs:
OWC Memory fully meets Apple's specifications with special attention to proper thermal specifications.
Memory Trade in
Save money by trading in your original chips! View available memory rebates.
From the purchase date of qualifying memory from OWC, you have 60 days to trade-in your old memory for a cash rebate!
Just fill out OWC's online rebate form or contact OWC Customer Service after you receive and install your new memory.
This OWC Memory is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
iBook G3
iBook (14-inch 16 VRAM)
(May, 2002)
Model ID: PowerBook4,3
iBook G3
iBook (14-inch LCD)
(January, 2002)
Model ID: PowerBook4,2
iBook G3
iBook (16 VRAM)
(May, 2002)
Model ID: PowerBook4,3
600MHz, 700MHz
iBook G3
iBook (Late 2001)
(October, 2001)
Model ID: PowerBook4,1
500MHz, 600MHz
iBook G3
iBook (Dual USB)
(May, 2001)
Model ID: PowerBook4,1
iBook G3
iBook (FireWire)
(September, 2000)
Model ID: PowerBook2,2
366MHz, 466MHz
iBook G3
(July, 1999)
Model ID: PowerBook2,1
300MHz, 366MHz
PowerBook G3
PowerBook G3 (Pismo)
(February, 2000)
Model ID: PowerBook3,1
400MHz, 500MHz
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4
(January, 2001)
Model ID: PowerBook3,2
400MHz, 500MHz
PowerBook G4
PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
(October, 2001)
Model ID: PowerBook3,3
550MHz, 667MHz
PC Laptop
PC Laptops
Compatible with Intel / AMD Process based PCs capable with the specifications listed above. Memory complies with JEDEC Specifications, document JESD79-3B.
OWC Memory 512MB 512MB PC100 DDR Mfr P/N: TPW512I OWC SKU: OWC100SO512328L OWC Memory Upgrade Module Lifetime Warranty Ships: Same Day Only $29.99OWC Price $12.88
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