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Other World Computing

4X BD-R Blu-Ray Media

25 Pack Spindle | 25GB
  • Mac
  • PC
The Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series is on the cutting edge of technology using a blue-violet laser to record either high-definition (HD) video or high capacity gigabyte data files. Using Optical Quantum's exclusive FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) and sophisticated production know-how brings next generation products like recordable Blu-ray discs to market in the shortest time frame with reasonable pricing. Viewers will especially enjoy High-Definition video programming using the Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series.
25GB Capacity
These BD-R discs offer 25GB storage capacity on a single-side, single-layer disc to record your HD videos or archive your photos, footages, music and other digital contents.


Product Specifications:

Manufacturer Part Number

  • BDR4X25PK

Media Type

  • BD-R


  • 1-4X


  • 25GB; 23.31GiB


  • Cake Box


  • 25

Burn Type

  • Write Once

Form Factor

  • 120mm Standard

Media Type

  • Blu-ray Recordable Media


Manufacturer provided specifications for Other World Computing p/n BDR4X25PK UPC#: 812437023183
OWC 4X BD-R Blu-Ray Media Mfr P/N: BDR4X25PK OWC SKU: OWCBDR4X25PK BD-R write-once blu-ray discs in cake box 30 Day Warranty
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