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50 Black Dual Disc Cases for CD/DVD Media
Made of black ABS plastic construction, these are the exact same DVD cases that the major film studios use.

These cases include an outer vinyl cover to put your artwork behind, an inner binder clip to put your liner notes in, and the best quality retaining clip to hold your disc securely!

*disc media not included

Product Specifications


  • Holds two DVD, CD or Blu-Ray discs.
  • No DVD logo or DVD symbol inside.


  • 190 x 135 x 14mm


  • Black with a clear cover overlay


Customer Ratings

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Reviewer: ElatedDeer-73108
Rating: 1/5 Just as bad as the single cases, Garbagge December 9, 2021 Complete garbage. These are advertised as the same quality as the commercial product. No way. These arrived in a properly packed box, so there is no excuse for the condition of the product. Out of 50 discs, of which I received 43, 11 were passable but still not what was advertised. The outer clear wrap, which is half the thickness of real DVD covers, is broken, punctured, torn, or dimpled so badly the ones I was replacing are still better. Unbelievable. This is a good company I enjoy buying Mac product from, but these were backordered and the supplier I think pulled a fast one on OWC. Anyone needing this quantity of covers knows what commercial DVD covers look and feel like. I don't want to waste any more time on this trash, I'm insulted it was even sent. I ordered 100 singles and got 99, 50 doubles, and got 43. Can't even count. Even the 31 covers that are passible are low quality. Complete waste of time.

OWC 50 count Dual Disc CD/DVD Case Mfr P/N: OWCDVDCS250 OWC SKU: OWCDVDCS250 50 Black Dual Disc Cases for CD/DVD Media 60 Day OWC Limited Warranty Ships: Pending Only $64.50Blow-Out Priced at $25.99
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