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OWC Mercury Elite/Neptune Power Adapter

5.0Amp Barrel Style Power Adapter

This power adapter is for certain OWC Mercury Elite Pro storage solutions and enclosures with a DC 12V power input accepting a barrel type connector.

This power adapter is NOT compatible with 4 or 5 pin plugs used with OWC Mercury Elite, OWC Mercury Elite-AL, OWC Neptune, and NewerTech miniStack storage solutions/enclosures. Those adapters require a DC 5V/12V Power adapter accepting a 4, or 5 pin style connector.

For your convenience, a compatibility chart is provided below to ensure proper product selection. Please be sure that your drive enclosure or router has this port before ordering.

For 4-pin connection power, we recommend the OWC 4-Pin Power Adapter.
For 5-pin connection power, we recommend the OWC 5-Pin Power Adapter.

Note: This part includes the transformer to device portion of the power supply only. Power cords sold separately.

Product Specifications:

AC Input

  • 100-240VAC @50-60Hz / 1.5Amp

DC Output

  • +12V/5.0Amp

Output Connection

  • Barrel length: 10mm
  • Barrel width: 5mm

Power Indicator

  • Yes

Brick Dimensions

  • 3.5" x 2.12" x 1.25"

Cord Length

  • 3.5 feet (107cm)


  • 13.2 oz.


  • UL / CUL / CE / FCC


Manufacturer provided specifications for Other World Computing p/n OWCMEP2BAY5A UPC#: 718122780877
The Power Adapter is compatible with... Learn how to find your Mac's model ID
Newer Technology Guardian Maximus
Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus
Newer Technology miniStack MAX
Newer Technology miniStack MAX
Note: Double check your connection. Updated models may use a different power supply. Make certain you have a barrel style power connector before ordering!