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Guitar Pick / Pry Tool

Whether shredding a face-melting lick on your axe or removing the LCD on your 2012 or later iMac the OWC Guitar Pick / Pry Tool is perfect for your needs.

Many guitar picks employ the Reuleaux triangle, as its unique shape combines a sharp point to provide strong articulation, with a wide tip to produce a warm timbre. Many guitarists find the shape to be ergonomic, since it naturally tends to point in the proper direction. It was also found to have the perfect shape and ergonomics for removing the LCD in our teardown of the 2012 iMac models.

The DELRIN® 1.0 hardness composition of this pick gives you just enough stiffness to give you those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that you're not busting strings left and right. Plus, this pick has a matte surface that prevents it from moving or slipping in between your fingers, which comes in handy for either guitar playing or computer repair.

Because the edge wears from use, these picks have a limited lifetime and are not covered by any warranty.

OWC Guitar Pick / Pry Tool Mfr P/N: PICKTOOL OWC SKU: OWCPICKTOOL Oversized, Reuleaux triangle-shaped 1.0 Hardness blue DELRIN® pick featuring the OWC logo. Ships: Same Day only $0.99
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