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Pry Tool
(Also known as "Spudger")

The OWC pry toolkit is a non-marring destructible nylon pry tools (a.k.a. "spudgers*) for opening iPods and other difficult-to-open but easy-to-scratch items.
Nylon Pry Tools are designed to be durable enough to pry open plastic items such as iPods, but will not last forever.

Product Specifications:

OWC Part Number



  • Blue


  • Nylon


  • Because they are nylon and the edge wears from use, these tools have a limited lifetime and are not covered by any warranty.
Manufacturer provided specifications for Other World Computing p/n TOOLSPUD



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OWC Pry Tool Mfr P/N: TOOLSPUD OWC SKU: OWCTOOLSPUDDisposable nylon pry tools for opening electronic devices. Commonly called "Spudgers". Non-marring, non-scratching tools.30 Day OWC Limited Warranty Unopened Ships: Same Day only $0.99
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