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Wireless Scale WS-30

The Gateway to Weight Management
The Wireless Scale illuminates the steps you need to take to a productive and sustainable weight loss and management lifestyle. One false move on a scale can dramatically affect your weigh-in so the Wireless Scale provides on-screen positioning instructions to ensure your footing each time.
Your Personal Solution
Out of the box, the Wireless Scale encompasses all the convenience you could ask for. Within sixty seconds you can be ready for your first weigh-in with a few swipes on your mobile device. This little number communicates with the Withings' Health Companion application using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on the best connection where you are. Each weigh-in is shuttled through the airwaves and automatically added to your personal profile updating your weight and BMI immediately. With access to the information on-line or via mobile device.
The application allows you to set attainable goals. Whether you are just beginning a health regimen or transitioning from a less accountable tracking method, the Wireless Scale helps you to set and realize sustainable goals. Weekly weight-loss programs encourage realistic achievement. An historical weight chart gives you accurate insight as to the choices your lifestyle encourages. This is a window into your body’s response to lax weekends or cheat day and even vacations.
One for All
The Withings Wireless Scale accommodates a multitude of people looking to step on the path to a healthier lifestyle by allowing each person to create their own profile. So clever is this scale that it gets to know you quickly based on your weight and BMI to ensure proper weigh-ins every time.
Weight Management is a Lonely Business
For some people, igniting or even pursing a weight management system is an isolating experience. Share your triumphs with friends and family with social media or organize friendly competitions to spur you on as you begin your quest.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number

  • WS-30


  • Four weight sensors
  • Weighing range: 5 -> 180 kg (9 -> 396 lb)
  • Patent-pending body position detector for highly accurate weighing
  • 100g (0.2 lb) graduation


  • Weight units: kg, lb, st
  • Large graphical display (2.4" x 1.6"), 128x64 pixels
  • White, high-contrast lighting

Wireless Synchronicity

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal security
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready (Bluetooth 4.0) connectivity, compatible with iOS devices

Size, weight and material

  • Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lb)
  • Large tempered glass platform
  • Paint-free white ABS lower casing
  • Paint-free white ABS lower frame

Battery and power

  • 4x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Average battery lifetime of 1 year

User profiles

  • Up to eight users with automatic recognition, easy user profile creation from the Withings app. No button to press on the scale.

Environmental requirements

  • Temperature Range for Use: 5 à 35 °C / Relative Humidity: - 30% - 80% (without condensation)
  • Temperature Range for Storage: -10°C - +50°C Range of Relative Humidity: 10% - 90% (without condensation)

Software Requirements

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS 5.0 or later), with Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi).

Included software

  • Withings App for iOS
  • Withings Web Dashboard


  • Stores up to 116 readings if it can't sync wirelessly

Care Instructions

  • Your Withings Wireless Scales have a flat glass surface and plastic casing that is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth or glass cleaner.


Package Contents

  • Wireless scale
  • User-friendly manual
  • 4x carpet feet for accuracy on any surface
  • 4x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wireless Scale measure?

The Wireless Scale measures your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is relative to both your weight and height, and helps you know whether your weight is healthy for your height. It is usually considered that a normal BMI is within 18.5 and 25. Both these data are displayed by the scale and get synced with your app and Withings account.

What is the Position Control™ feature?

Position Control™ is a patent-pending technology developed by Withings. It helps you properly position your body for a high-accuracy weight measurement. Digital scales such as the Wireless Scale usually feature four weight sensors and are calibrated during the production process with a load equally distributed across these sensors. For the weight measurement to reach a high-accuracy level, it is important that your body weight also gets distributed equally across the scale's weight sensors each time you weigh. The Position Control™ feature uses the scale's display to give you a visual feedback on your body position and help you reach this balanced, high-accuracy weighing position.

What is the Wireless Scale's weight limit?

The Wireless Scale's weight limit is 180 kg (396 lb).

Can I use the Wireless Scale if I have a pacemaker?

Yes, the Wireless Scale is absolutely safe to use even if you wear a pacemaker as it does not circulate any electrical current through your body.

What weight units does the Wireless Scale work with?

The Wireless Scale displays weight in kilogram (kg), pound (lb) or stone (st). You can easily switch to the unit of your choice by pressing the unit button underneath the scale.

How do I upload my readings to the app?

You don't need to do a thing. The Wireless Scale will automatically upload your readings as soon as you step off the scale. If you do not have a Wi-Fi network, the scale will connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in Bluetooth; you just need your iOS device to be in range of the scale (within approximately 20 metres).

Can the Wireless Scale be kept up-to-date with new software?

Yes, Wireless Scale is a smart and updateable device. It can be updated with new software to add new features, make it compatible with new apps or devices, or fix issues that our users have reported. If you have a Wi-Fi network, software update will occur automatically at night as soon as an update is available. If you don't have a Wi-Fi network, the Withings app will advise you when an update is available and provide update instructions.
Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale Mfr P/N: WS-30 OWC SKU: WITWS30 Automatically records body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI) to secure webpage and/or iPhone. Withings 1 Year Limited Warranty
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