OWC Envoy Pro 1A: Drive with Heatsink Compatibility

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The Envoy Pro 1A is designed to work with select Apple SSDs from most 2013 to 2019 Mac models. It is also compatible with Aura Pro X2, Aura Pro X, Aura N2, and Aura N drives. However, there are customers who own Aura X2 drives and other 3rd party drives with heatsinks. The heatsink doesn't allow for the Envoy Pro 1A cover to be applied because of the added height.

Work Around

Users can use the Envoy Pro 1A with drives that have a heatsink however, the cover will need to remain off. Prolonged Envoy Pro 1A use without the cover is not recommended due to debris exposure and potential fall damage.

NOTE: Removing the heat sink to apply the Envoy Pro 1A cover is not supported and may void the drive manufacture warranty. Removal of the heat sink once applied to the Aura Pro X series of drives will void the warranty. Do not recommend or instruct for the removal of an applied heat sink.

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