OWC Jupiter Callisto: Memory Upgrade Installation

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  • Use the following instructions to remove and install memory modules.


Removing Memory Modules

1. Remove the Jupiter Callisto cover by loosening (6) screws found on the top and around the edge of the chassis.

2. Loosen and remove the thumbscrew located on the back of the Jupiter Callisto.

3. Press and slide the cover towards the back of the Jupiter Callisto then lift off the cover.

4. Locate the memory modules

5. Press down on the side locking clips. The memory module will move upwards and be released.

6. Carefully lift and remove the memory module from the Jupiter Callisto

Installing Memory Modules

1. Line the new memory module with the memory slot. Ensure the module notch lines up with the slot notch. The pin contacts on the memory module should line up with the memory slot.

2. Press down evenly on the memory module until a click noise occurs. The side locking clips on either side of the memory module will click in place securing the memory module.
NOTE: Do not force the memory module if resistance is felt. Ensure the module notch lines up with the slot notch.

3. Place the cover back on the Jupiter Callisto. Slide the cover towards the front. Secure the cover using the thumbscrew and (6) screws removed earlier.

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