OWC Rover Pro (Wheels Kit for 2019 Mac Pro)

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  • (4) OWC Rover Pro wheels
  • (4) Wheel stoppers


Please follow the steps below to install your new casters onto the 2019 Mac Pro. If you encounter any difficulty please contact OWC Support.

1. Remove the four casters and the four wheel-stop brackets from the foam cutouts.

2. If it is not already, shut down the Mac Pro and disconnect it from the power cable and all external devices. Then, carefully set the Mac Pro on its side, near the edge of a work table so that the four feet are a 2-3 inches clear of the table’s edge. Brush away any debris on the bottom of the feet.

3. Take a caster and unscrew the ring portion from the top of the assembly. Set the wheel portion aside for now.

4. Place the caster ring over top of the Mac Pro foot, with the slot facing towards the center of the chassis.

5. Holding the caster ring in place to ensure it doesn’t rotate, take the wheel portion from Step 3 and screw it back onto the ring until the caster is secured to the Mac Pro’s foot.

6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for the remaining 3 wheels, then carefully place the Mac Pro onto the floor. To keep the Mac Pro from rolling, you can use the included wheel-stop brackets. Simply place a bracket around the base of each wheel.

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