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The OWC Slim is a bus-powered optical drive. A USB Type-A Y-cable is included to provide the OWC Slim with additional power as some systems don’t offer enough from a single port. Connecting the OWC Slim with USB Type-C systems will require additional steps.

Connecting with USB Type-C Systems

1. The OWC Slim can be connected into a system’s Type-C port using a USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter (available separately: OWCTCCADPU3).

Additional Power Requirement

The additional USB Type-A plug of the Y-cable will be needed If sufficient power isn’t provided by the single USB Type-C port. There are several options available for providing the OWC Slim with sufficient power.
NOTE: This behavior has been identified to occur with newer Macs beginning since 2019

1. Connect a power supply (available separately: OWCMOTGPWR).

2. Connect the Y-cable’s second USB Type-A plug into a USB Power Block (available separately).

3. Connect the Y-cable’s second USB Type-A plug into an available USB Type-A port on the system, a powered dock, or powered external enclosure.
NOTE: Using a second Type-C to Type-A adapter will not provide any additional power to the OWC Slim.

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