OWC Thunderbolt Drive Enclosures: No Drives Detected on PCs Running Windows

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Several troubleshooting steps can be followed If your OWC Thunderbolt Drive Enclosure is not detecting any connected drives on your PC running Windows.


Checking Drive Recognition in Disk Management

  • Open Disk Management on your Windows PC
    • Right-click on "This PC" or "My Computer" > "Manage" > "Disk Management")
  • Check if the Drive in the OWC Thunderbolt enclosure is listed. The drive may need to be initialized and formatted if recognized by the system (go.owc.com/formatting)

Inspecting the Thunderbolt Cable

  • Verify the Thunderbolt cable is securely connected between the OWC Thunderbolt Drive Enclosure and the PC running Windows.
  • Connect the OWC Thunderbolt Drive Enclosure and the PC running Windows with a different Thunderbolt cable.

Connecting with a Different Thunderbolt Port

  • Connect the OWC Thunderbolt Drive Enclosure to a different Thunderbolt port on your PC running Windows to rule out port-specific issues. Some PCs may have multiple Thunderbolt ports, and using an alternative port can sometimes resolve connectivity issues.
  • Trying another PC can help determine if the issue is related to the enclosure or the specific PC configuration.

Confirming Thunderbolt Driver Installation

  • Ensure that the Thunderbolt driver is installed on your PC running Windows. Visit the official website of your PC or motherboard manufacturer to obtain a support manual and to download the latest Thunderbolt driver compatible with your PC.

Configuring Thunderbolt Setting in the BIOS/UEFI

  • Access the BIOS/UEFI settings of your PC running Windows and verify that Thunderbolt support is enabled. Some systems have Thunderbolt security settings that may prevent proper device recognition. Adjust these settings if necessary to ensure Thunderbolt functionality is fully enabled. Please enable Thunderbolt Boot support if your system has the option.

Confirming Available Thunderbolt Software Updates

  • Check for updates to the Thunderbolt software on your PC running Windows. Visit the official website of your PC or motherboard manufacturer to check and download the latest Thunderbolt software for optimal compatibility.

Drives are Still not Being Recognized

  • We are very sorry If issues continue to occur. Please know that OWC support is here to help. Please contact our support team with detailed information about your system configuration. Contacting the manufacture of your PC or motherboard may also bring resolution.

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