Charitable Donations

Other World Computing is an active member of its community and strives to be a good corporate citizen. One way we do that is to provide help to organizations that are dear to our hearts. Below you can find information and links to some of the organizations we work with.


Approximately 800 million people on the planet, about one out of every nine of us, don't have access to the most basic of human needs -- clean water. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

charity:water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries, with 100% of all public donations directly funding water projects. By providing permanent, sustainable water solutions such freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters, community members are freed from the hours spent every day walking long distances to carry back water that is often contaminated. A donation of $20 brings clean water to one more person - changing lives and enabling communities to re-direct their time and energy toward building a better future.

National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation (NPF) was chartered by Congress in 1967 to raise private support for National Parks, and to build a broad community of people who care about their parks. America's National Parks have a long tradition of philanthropy, and NPF is proud to continue that tradition today.

As the insiders guide to unlocking the National Park experience, NPF is here to tell the stories of the National Park experience, and to educate and inspire people to get involved with their National Parks whether through making donations, becoming volunteers or simply helping to spread the word about America's greatest treasures.

Arizona Memorial Museum Association

The Arizona Memorial Museum Association (AMMA) operates the book and war memorabilia stores located at the USS Arizona Memorial visitor center in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the Kalaupapa National Historical Park on the island of Molokai, and at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam.

The primary purpose of this cooperating association is to aid the interpretation and related visitor service activities of the National Park Service. As a non-profit organization authorized by Congress, AMMA makes interpretive and educational materials available to park visitors by sale through its bookstores and mail order program. It also supports research, interpretation and conservation programs of the National Park Service.

The secondary purpose is to assist the National Park Service in financial matters of which federal funding is not available, or where the program is at the extreme low end of the ladder in priority. The AMMA also provides funds for materials to be used by National Park Service personnel for interpretation and self-education.

Plan USA

Plan USA is part of a unique, global alliance of caring individuals like you a worldwide community sharing a common agenda for child-centered development and the well-being, rights and interests of the world's children.

Plan strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in developing countries through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by:

  • enabling deprived children, their families, and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies;
  • fostering relationships to increase understanding and unity among people of different cultures and countries;
  • promoting the rights and interests of the world's children.
  • McHenry County 4H

    The McHenry County 4-H organization provides youth with proven leadership through their involvement with all levels of programming, year-round programming in lifelong skills, the ability to compete in events at local through national levels and the chance to participate in national and international programs. "Cultivating the Youth" of McHenry County comes from a loyal force of volunteers and community leaders. Their commitment enables these fine young members of society to be the next generation of leaders.

    Adult & Child Rehab Center

    The Adult & Child Rehab Center provides physical, occupational and speech therapy along with nursing care to disabled children and adults regardless of their ability to pay for their care. Additional services available include home healthcare, bath service, medical equipment loan, pediatric orthopedic clinic, the Birth through Two program, a summer recreation offering and a socialization program.

    The Sara K. Schacht Memorial Foundation

    Sara Kathleen Schacht died from a sudden cardiac arrest in January 2003. In her honor, her mother founded The Sara K. Schacht Memorial Foundation to help raise money for purchase of Automatic External Defibrillator for schools in Woodstock.

    Woodstock Little League

    The Woodstock Little League has been providing baseball for the youth of Woodstock for the past 51 years. Little League baseball teaches not only baseball fundamentals, but also develops teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty and fair play.

    Challenger Learning Center

    Woodstock's Challenger Learning Center is part of the national Challenger Center network of 50 interactive space-science education centers that have opened since 1986. Each year, the center provides an opportunity for more than 10,000 students and adults to experience a simulated space mission through programs that include school missions, corporate missions, summer camps, birthday missions, scout missions, public programs and more.

    The simulated space missions are designed to enhance math, science and technology education while also teaching teamwork and critical thinking skills, all while conveying the wonders of space-science exploration. Participants of all ages become scientists, engineers and astronauts as they work aboard a fabulous space station, rendezvous with a Comet or travel to Mars.

    Working Class Dogs

    For thousands of men, women and children over the last 30 years, service dogs have provided independence never before achievable without the aid of a human attendant. But now people with disabilities are setting their sails and charting their own courses. Instead of being taken care of, they are creating independence and self-sufficiency. Service dogs have been of substantial assistance to that end. These dogs have been trained to safely guide a handler with a visual impairment, alert hearing impaired partners to environmental noises, retrieve dropped or needed items, turn lights on and off, open and close doors and drawers, activate automatic door switches, and even pull a wheelchair for someone with limited mobility!

    The trail has been blazed. It is the mission of Working Class Dogs to widen it further by in training dogs to address the specific needs of children with Autism and developmental disabilities.

    Ducks Unlimited

    Illinois Ducks Unlimited is dedicated to wetland conservation in Illinois and across the continent.

    McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce

    The McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to provide support to the growth and development of the business community, as well as to continually improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the McHenry Area.

    Greater Harvard Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Greater Harvard Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to provide support to the growth and development of the business community and to continually improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Harvard area.

    Woodstock Rotary Club

    Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 31,000 Rotary clubs located in 167 countries.


    CreatioNation is a nonprofit community partnership offering education, events, production, distribution, and technology services for artists and creative professionals, as well as free or discounted services supporting the arts and creative community.

    CreatioNation strives to tap the infinite wellspring of human creativity and create a more harmonious world, using music as a vehicle for cross-cultural understanding, appreciation, and connection. Educational programs are not only theoretical, but experiential and culturally immersive, bringing master musicians from different cultures such as the Middle East, India, Africa, Vietnam and Indonesia to the US ,and vice versa, for master classes, concerts, and collaborative recordings. CreatioNation teaches not only theory and techniques, but also the cultural contexts from which these musical traditions emerge. They also offer home studio recording and production classes, benefiting students, teachers, musicians, and the general public through classes, concerts, recordings, and video, while also contributing to improving international and cross-cultural relations. CreatioNation also goes into the field, all over the world, to study, record and preserve the music of other cultures, to be shared with with students, music teachers, and listeners everywhere.

    Shedd Aquarium

    Shedd Aquarium, in Chicago, is one of the premiere public venues for aquatic animals. The aquarium's mission is to engage and inspire, entertain and inform, as a vital teaching and learning resource, conservation leader, neighborhood partner and global collaborator. They are passionate about their animals, their habitats and the planet we all share.

    Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History

    The mission of Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History in South Carolina is to conserve animals, plants, habitats, and other natural components of the Piedmont Region of the eastern United States through observation, scientific study, and education for students of all ages.

    Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History has been in operation as a conservation, educational, and scientific research site for more than 25 years. It was established on an old Piedmont farmstead in 1982 and has been a field trip destination for school groups, college classes, environmental organizations, professional scientists, and others interested in conservation and nature. Since 1982, Bill Hilton Jr. has banded more than 50,200 birds of 124 species on the 4.5 hectare (11-acre) tract, making it one of the most active banding stations in the southeastern United States. Included in those totals were more than 3,600 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Archilochus colubris . Because of this work, in 2003 the Center was designated an "Important Bird Area" by the National Audubon Society and BirdLife International.

    * All information has been gleaned from data provided by the organizations.