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QuickSilver-Digital Audio G4
All PowerLogix Upgrade models are compatible with Apple OS 9.2.2 & Later, including OS X 'Tiger' 10.4.x.
OSX disks

G4-133MHz Upgrade

PowerForce 47 Series Upgrades for 133MHz Bus Models. Take your PowerMac G4 Digital Audio and QuickSilver Models up to 2.0GHz!
Since it's inception, PowerLogix has been a leading innovator of Processor Upgrade solutions. From the first G4 upgrade for PowerMac G4 AGP Models to the first G4 Upgrade for 133MHZ bus Digital Audio & Quicksilver models, PowerLogix has led the field.
PowerLogix created the first Dual G4 Upgrades, as well as the first 1.0GHz & faster ZIF upgrades. Others have followed, sometimes years later, but PowerLogix continues to take the lead. In December of 2004, PowerLogix partnered with Other World Computing via an exclusive distribution and operational agreement. With the resources and backing of Other World Computing, the best processor upgrade designs in the world now have the full support of the #1 upgrade reseller in the world. All PowerLogix Processor Upgrade Products are covered with a 2 or 3 Year Limited PowerLogix Warranty with the 100% backing of Other World Computing. OWC stands behind and fully warrants every PowerLogix processor sold.
PowerLogix & OWC logo- the Power to Perform
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