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OWC SSD upgrades for MacBook Air:   2008     2008-2009     2010     2011     2012
OWC SSD upgrades for MacBook Pro Retina display:     2012 & 2013
MacBook Air + ZIF SSDMacBook Air with the OWC ZIF SSD
Upgrade your 2008 MacBook Air to greater speed and capacity!
3 Easy Steps to Upgrade you MacBook Air
1. Install
Install the OWC ZIF SSD into your MacBook Air, and the original SSD into the included external enclosure.
2. Transfer/Migrate
Transfer your data and OS X.
3. Enjoy
Enjoy the benefits of a higher capacity/faster drive, plus a stylish and fast new external drive.
PATA provides over 88MB/s performance
for MacBook Air 2008
with Model ID: MacBookAir1,1
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