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Sonnet Crescendo/NuBus

The Sonnet Crescendo™/NuBus G3 processor upgrade cards accelerate your NuBus Power Macintosh® to speeds you never thought possible. The Crescendo/NuBus G3 incorporates the revolutionary PowerPC™ G3 processor and ultra high-speed Level 2 backside cache for astoundingly-fast performance, delivering up to a 16x overall speed improvement.

The Crescendo/NuBus is a universal card that works in the 6100, 7100, and 8100, and is compatible with your existing hardware. This version of the Crescendo/NuBus G3 card also supports the 6100 AV and allows you to continue to use the AV card already installed in the computer. This card seamlessly integrates with your software, and supports System 7.1.2 through Mac® OS 9.1.

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