Sonnet Crescendo PB

With the Crescendo™ PB/G3 installed in your Macintosh® PowerBook® 1400 series computer, Sonnet provides you with the performance gains of a G3. The Crescendo/PB G3 replaces the original 117, 133, or 166 MHz 603e processor card with a G3 card running at 333 or 466 MHz. High-speed Level 2 backside cache has been added to achieve the impressive speed improvements of this PowerPC™ upgrade. Applications perform tasks at faster speeds, giving you the power to be more productive and creative.

The Crescendo/PB G3 is compatible with your existing hardware, software, RAM, and peripherals. The Crescendo/PB G3 seamlessly integrates with your system software, supporting the latest innovations and enhanced performance through Mac OS® 9.1.

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