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Sonnet HARMONi

The Sonnet HARMONi™ G3 pushes the performance of your “original” iMac to new levels, and enables you to enjoy the video editing capabilities of the latest systems! Employing a powerful 500 or 600 MHz IBM PowerPC G3 processor with on-chip 256K Level 2 cache operating at full processor speed, HARMONi will transform your iMac with a performance boost of up to 2.5x or more over the original system. The HARMONi also features a FireWire port to connect digital cameras, DV camcorders, and DVD-R/CD-RW drives—you can even use the new iPod™! FireWire is perfect for importing/working with digital video using iMovie™ and other popular applications. Everything you do on your iMac will feel faster!

The HARMONi is compatible with your existing hardware, software, RAM and peripherals. The HARMONi integrates with your system software, supporting from Mac OS 8.6* through OS X, Version 10.1 and higher.

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