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Sonnet TempoTrio and Tango

Expand your data storage capacity economically by connecting up to four big, fast internal ATA hard drives to the Trio—this is an easy way to improve your system’s performance. If you’ve never opened your computer, don’t worry—installing drives is easier than you might think. We even include one Ultra ATA cable (for two drives) and drive mounting screws to simplify the installation process. Just choose the drive(s) to fit your needs—you can use ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100, or ATA/133 drives†—the Trio can handle them all.

The Sonnet Tango™ FireWire®/USB PCI combo card enables you to connect the latest devices to your PCI Macintosh, and provides you with unparalleled flexibility in choosing peripherals. Now you can expand your options to include new low-cost scanners and printers, high-speed mass storage, game controllers, digital cameras, MIDI devices, PDAs, and more. Connect a DV camcorder to one of Tango's FireWire ports, and you'll be editing and creating digital movie masterpieces right on your own computer! Also, unlike serial and SCSI devices, you'll be able to connect your peripherals while your system is on, with no need to worry about jumpers, switches, or termination.

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