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Are you tired of getting scratches on your iPod?

The Apple iPod is the most revolutionary MP3 player ever created. More than that, it possesses the flair and function that we have come to expect from Apple. Now you can protect your iPod without sacrificing its usability or ease of use. The iPod fits like a glove into The Pod Protector, a custom designed full grain leather enclosure from Other World Computing. A clear vinyl window protects the iPod’s display from nicks and scratches while maintaining maximum visibility. The four buttons that surround the jog/shuttle wheel are protected by vinyl while leaving the wheel and center button exposed for easy maneuverability.

The Pod Protector offers easy access to the headphone jack at the top of the iPod. Dual quick release snaps allows immediate access to the controls and FireWire port on the top of the iPod. This allows instant access to all of the devices features without ever removing it from The Pod Protector!

What portable MP3 player would be complete without a belt clip? OWC offers versions of the Pod Protector with and without a quick release swiveling belt clip. With the belt clip option, you can attach the device to your belt as easily as you would a cellular phone. And with a press of the quick release button, you can easily retrieve the iPod from the clip for easy access.

Apple’s iPod is a work of art. Protect it in the only case that preserves the beauty of the iPod without sacrificing function or flair.

Product Highlights:
  • Full Grain Leather construction. The outer shell of The Pod Protector is constructed of first quality 2 ounce glove soft cowhide leather. The flap has an additional thin layer of 1-1/2 ounce leather for added strength in that area. Also, there is another layer of material protecting the inside back of the case, and covering the snaps to ensure that there are no exposed internal components of The Pod Protector scratch your iPod.
  • Transparent vinyl window for LCD screen. A transparent vinyl window is stitched into the leather outer shell fully for strength. It protects the LCD screen from damage.
  • Transparent vinyl button covering. Encircling the menu, reverse, forward and play/pause buttons, this allows for protection against accidentally pressing a button while carrying The Pod Protector. It also adds rigidity to the carrying case, ensuring that over time The Pod Protector will not stretch or get pulled out of shape. The clear vinyl is fully stitched around the perimeter for strength.
  • Dual snap fastening system. Why did we choose mechanical snaps for The Pod Protector? Simple! The Pod Protector is a worthy partner in your active lifestyle. Snaps will stay closed, exactly as you want them to. If we had designed The Pod Protector with anything less than a mechanical fastening system, it would come loose over time. Velcro has been an obvious choice for other companies; however Velcro has one shortcoming; it loses it's holding power over time. The Pod Protector is likely to be a lifelong companion for your iPod and Velcro would have been a very poor choice in this application. This is why we chose a snap closure system.
  • Headphone port access. The Pod Protector allows access to your headphone port in the top flap. You are probably wondering why we did not provide access ports for the FireWire port, and the hold button. Here are the reasons. First, the FireWire port should be protected as best as possible. FireWire carries quite a bit of power; and if you were to get dirt, lint or water in it, it would not be a good thing for your iPod. Second, we did not provide an access port for the hold button because it is not accessed as much since The Pod Protector has integrated vinyl covers over the buttons that the hold switch is used for.
  • Optional Quick-Release Swiveling Belt Clip. At the heart of The Pod Protector is it's attachment system to your belt or pantline. Great care went into choosing what kind of belt clip was used with The Pod Protector; the clip chosen is of the highest quality and it is extremely durable. It will stay firmly attached to your belt or pantline exactly where you want it, because it incorporates a spring loaded design. And, the quick release swiveling system ensures that even if you are active, The Pod Protector is free to move with you, instead of moving upward and off of your belt. And finally, the swivel belt clip system incorporates a quick release design so you do not have to remove the clip from your belt, only the iPod. Allowing swivel motion a full 360 degrees, the swivel system releases only when you press the release button located on the top of the belt clip.
  • 5 Year Warranty

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