OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual

Blazingly fast + compact Thunderbolt NVMe SSD Array with a massive storage capacity for diverse needs

OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual

Up To


Blazing Fast Speed1



Options Than Other Dual Bay Storage

World’s Only Dual Bay With

Up to 8


0TB DIY Enclosure

Add your own RAID software


0TB DIY Enclosure



2TB 2 x 1TB


4TB 2 x 2TB


8TB 2 x 4TB


16TB 2 x 8TB


4TB AdvancedX8
8 x 480GB



8TB AdvancedX8
8 x 1TB



16TB AdvancedX8
8 x 2TB



32TB AdvancedX8
8 x 4TB



OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual Opened

Edit, Ingest, and Backup in a Blink

The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual is powered by up to eight NVMe SSDs, so you can edit high-res files on the fly, ingest and duplicate dailies without a hitch, rip through the tightest of timelines, and backup huge music and photo libraries in a flash. While it offers blazingly fast performance with massive storage capacity, this compact solution is small enough to easily fit on a DIT cart, in a rack, or on your desktop.

Blazing Fast

Utilize Thunderbolt’s full 2800MB/s data bandwidth for jaw-dropping speed1

Easy Drive Monitoring

Front panel activity LEDs offer instant status update

Unrivaled Capacity

The only dual bay solution with up to eight NVMe SSDs

Deployment Ready

Solutions undergo a rigorous multi-step performance certification


Plug and play out of the box or enjoy more RAID variations than traditional dual drive enclosures—up to RAID 10


Works with Mac and Windows computers2

SoftRAID Advantage

World’s most user-friendly fully featured software RAID package included on 8-drive solutions and optional for 2-drive solutions


Up to 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty and lifetime support3

Additional Connectivity

Add up to five Thunderbolt devices, a display, or your choice of a USB-C or DisplayPort4 device via the second Thunderbolt USB-C port

OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual Adaptable Flexibility

Adaptable Flexibility

The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual easily handles any project backup and storage task you throw at it. Dual drive bays house up to eight NVMe SSDs to tackle nearly any data need imaginable. From personal videos to major motion pictures, from photo shoots to file backups... the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual gives you the necessary capacity and horsepower to get the job done.

6X Faster SSD

Nearly 6x Faster SSD Performance

NVMe U.2 SSD use began in the corporate and server market, where ROI is defined in nanoseconds and dependability is paramount. Now, the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual brings enterprise-level performance to your home or office. Its NVMe SSD array utilizes Thunderbolt’s impressive data bandwidth capability, functioning nearly 6x faster than your typical SSD.

Reconfiguration Ready

Need to change your drive configuration? There’s no need to buy a costly new enclosure. The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual is ready to change with you.

Reconfigure each bay with either:

  • Up to four NVMe M.2 SSDs with a U.2 adapter – such as OWC U2 Shuttle5
  • A 2.5 / 3.5-inch NVMe U.2 SSD
  • A single NVMe M.2 SSD with a U.2 adapter – such as OWC U2 ShuttleOne
OWC U2 Shuttle with U.2 SSDs
OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual Back and Front

Store More, See More, Do More

An extra Thunderbolt USB-C port lets you daisy-chain devices to your Mercury Pro U.2 Dual to expand your capabilities. Add up to five additional Thunderbolt solutions and merge them with SoftRAID for mind-blowing storage capacities. Attach a 5K display or two 4K Thunderbolt displays. You can even place a USB device at the end of the chain. The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual gives you the freedom to use more of what you need.


Easy RAID Options

Harness the full capability of this NVMe array with the easiest to use, broadest selection of RAID levels available. SoftRAID, included with 8-drive solutions, is a powerful and intuitive software RAID utility that guides your setup. It offers maximum volume capacity, optimum drive performance, data protection, or a combination of attributes. SoftRAID is ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data, including video editors, audio producers, photographers and graphic designers.

OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual Portability

Ready to Work Anywhere

The Mercury Pro U.2 Dual can be taken wherever you need a compact yet super-fast massive capacity storage solution. At 3.3"W x 5.8"H x 9.4"D and weighing just 4 pounds with drives, the Mercury Pro U.2 Dual can travel anywhere your workflow takes you. It connects to Thunderbolt Macs and PCs2 and can work cross-platform using OWC MacDrive 10 Pro software (available separately).

Certified for Demanding Use

Certified for Demanding Use

We understand that creative professionals need to have confidence in the reliability of their gear. That’s why every Mercury Pro U.2 Dual solution undergoes a multi-step performance certification prior to shipping, so it always arrives ready for demanding use.

The Most Powerful RAID Tool on the Planet.

SoftRAID is the world’s fastest and most flexible application to configure, maintain, and protect your RAID volumes on Mac and PC. OWC enclosures include 3 Years of SoftRAID Premium.

  • High-Performance RAID 0/1/4/5/1+0 (10) volumes
  • Predictive Health Monitoring proactively notifies of Volume and Disk issues well before failure — provided on your computer and remotely
  • 35+ Years of Experience of Pro Support to provide peace-of-mind with setup help, ongoing questions, or urgent disk issues
  • And many more unique features.
  • Learn more about SoftRAID

M1 Macs require macOS 11.3 or later. SoftRAID is licensed per computer. RAID 1+0 (10) coming soon to Windows.

iMac Pro with SoftRAID
Thunderbolt Logo

Thunderbolt Made Easy

We make it easy to choose the right gear. Our Thunderbolt Certified products offer the same performance and functionality whether they are Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4. And if you’re rocking a beloved Thunderbolt 2 machine, we offer an adapter so you can plug into our universe of award-winning solutions. No hassles, no confusion. That’s the OWC Difference.

Apple Mac models with Thunderbolt 2/Thunderbolt ports can be connected using an Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter and a Thunderbolt 2 cable (available separately). This configuration provides data transfer at up to 20Gb/s but does not support notebook charging.

Learn More About U.2 Technology Benefits on the Rocket Yard Blog

OWC ClingOn

Work with Ultimate Confidence

Active workspaces expose gear to unexpected bumps and shoves. OWC ClingOn custom cable stabilizers (available separately) screw into the OWC Dock or OWC Drive housing to reduce – if not completely eliminate – cable strain on Thunderbolt and USB-C connections so you can work with ultimate confidence even in the highest foot traffic environments.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Cable

OWC Thunderbolt Cable Included

OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual solutions come with a certified 0.7 meter OWC Thunderbolt Cable. But if your workflow demands a different length to make the connection, OWC Thunderbolt (USB-C) Cables are the perfect choice.

OWC, Trusted by Pros & Enthusiasts the World Over

OWC, Trusted by Pros & Enthusiasts the World Over

We build our hardware to the highest standards of reliability and performance. Because 100% reliability is always the goal, we rigorously quality test and back our hardware with a 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty and award-winning customer support.

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  1. Sequential read/write (max) performance based on testing Mercury Elite Pro U.2 Dual with 8 x 2TB Aura Ultra III SSDs in RAID 0 equipped connected to a MacBook Pro (16-inch 2019) with 64GB RAM and 2.4GHz i9 processor running AJA System Test (4K-Full resolution, 64GB file size, 10bit RGB codec, single file test). Each of the (2) U.2 drive bays are 2x PCIe lanes and support speeds of up to 1500MB/s. Max performance of 2800MB/s requires using both drive bays in a RAID 0 configuration.
  2. Some Windows PC manufacturers use PCIe resource-limited designs which may be incompatible with switch-based PCIe devices (such as the OWC U2 Shuttle) in select configurations. Please contact OWC support if you experience this limitation.
  3. 3 Year OWC Limited Warranty for Solid-State Drive solutions. 1 year OWC Limited Warranty for enclosure only.
  4. Requires use of DisplayPort to USB-C cable or adapter.
  5. Two (2) OWC U2 Shuttle adapters are included with select eight-drive configurations. OWC U2 Shuttle is available separately for DIY enclosures.
  6. Thunderbolt 2/Thunderbolt compatibility requires a certified Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 (mDP) adapter and a Thunderbolt 2 cable (available separately). This configuration provides data transfer at up to 20Gb/s but does not support notebook charging.