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OWC Upgrade Service for Apple Mac mini 2010

Upgrade Service for Macmini4,1 Models
Upgrade your Memory
Upgrade with OWC Brand Memory
Your Mac mini has two slots for memory modules and they are there to be used! Having 4GB minimum, ideally at least 8GB of memory can be of tremendous benefit with today's latest applications and modern OS. Depending on the applications you use, upgrading to 12GB or even 16GB can make even more difference. Existing memory will be removed and returned with the Mac mini, or an OWC Trade-in Rebate offered. All OWC Memory is certified for your Mac mini and backed with a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.
(Add $9.98)
(Add $19.99)
(Add $34.99)
Upgrade/Replace your DVD/CD Drive with a new Optical Drive or make it an SSD / Hard Drive Instead!
Replace the Apple SuperDrive with a new optical drive with more features or take advantage of the OWC Data Doubler solution for up to 'double the internal data storage' and instead have a 2nd Hard Drive or SSD.
Optical drive options:
(Add $94.99)
(Add $114.99)
SSD Options:
(Add $40.74)
(Add $46.54)
(Add $64.74)
(Add $94.74)
(Add $169.74)
5400RPM Hard Drive Options:
(Add $68.74)
(Add $89.63)
7200RPM Hard Drive Options:
(Add $79.74)
Upgrade/Replace the Existing 2.5" Drive in Lower Drive Bay
Upgrade/Replace the existing drive with an Incredibly Fast OWC SSD, a Hybrid HD/SSD which is faster than a standard Hard Drive while being more economical than a pure SSD, or add additional hard drive capacity with drive options up to 2.0TB. Existing drive will be removed and returned to you or a OWC Trade-in Rebate offered. Existing drive will be removed and returned to you or a OWC Trade-in Rebate offered. Note: For use with RAID-0/1 configurations, both lower and upper bay drives should be identical with same model drive installed.
3G SSD Options:
(Add $20.99)
(Add $26.79)
(Add $44.99)
(Add $74.99)
(Add $149.99)
5400RPM Hard Drive Options:
(Add $48.99)
(Add $69.88)
7200RPM Hard Drive Options:
(Add $59.99)
Reuse the original drive in an external enclosure
Keep your Factory Stock 2.5" Hard Drive inside an OWC Brand external enclosure
OWC will install the drive that was removed from your 2.5" hard drive bay into an OWC Brand enclosure of your choosing
(Add $9.99)
(Add $24.99)
(Add $63.98)
Add Parallels Desktop Pro Edition
Parallels is the #1-selling, fastest, easiest, and most powerful solution for running Windows® applications on a Mac—without rebooting. The Pro version enables full utilization of available memory and processor cores for the best possible virtual machine experience. Parallels isn't just for windows - use it for multiple Mac OS versions, development environments, Linux and more!
(Add $19)
Parallels Desktop Pro Edition will run on any Apple Macintosh model running Apple Mac OS 10.12.6 or later and with at least 4GB or memory, but 16GB is recommended.
Data Transfer
Data Transfer Options
If you would like OWC to transfer the data from your original Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, please select this option. Before selecting, please verify that the drive you are purchasing from us has enough space to contain the data you would like transferred
(Add $15)
Please be aware, that if no data transfer is selected OWC will install a copy of the MacOS that your machine shipped with on to the lowest capacity SSD, or fastest HDD that you are having installed, depending on your selection.
Shipping Options
OWC makes getting your Mac to and from our upgrade lab easy. Choose your preferred two-way shipping method and we will send you a shipping box and packaging materials specially designed to ensure safe and efficient transport of your Mac mini. All you need to do is pack your mini in the OWC shipping box, attach the included shipping labels, and send off your Mac to complete the upgrade.

At checkout, you will still be asked to choose which shipping method you prefer for sending you the OWC Mac mini shipping box and return labels.
(Add $20)
(Add $55)
(Add $40)
If you are purchasing a new machine, and would like to have it shipped directly from Apple (or the Apple Authorized Reseller you are purchasing it from) to OWC – Please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-275-4576 and we would be happy to assist you in that process.
OWC Provided Shipping Container
Other World Computing requires that you use a box specifically designed by us to insure safe and efficient transport of your Mac mini us. This is the only approved packaging - sending it in any other packaging risks damage of your Mac mini, and refusal of that same device when it arrives here.
When packing your Mac mini into this container, please be aware that you should only send the computer itself. None of the accessories (Power Supply, Installation Discs, Keyboards, Mice, Etc..) are necessary for this service.
$ 89.00
Please note:
FREE return shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. An OWC representative will provide you with a service reference number within 24-48 business hours of ordering. You must include this service reference number in the shipping address when you send in your Mac Mini.
Other World Computing
ATTN: [insert service reference number]
8 Galaxy Way
Woodstock, IL 60098
Once we have received your Mac Mini, please allow 1-3 business days to complete the upgrade process.

There is a $25 cancellation fee for a Mac Mini Upgrade Service canceled after payment has been received, but prior to upgrade work being performed. Once the upgrade has begun, the service cannot be canceled and you will be charged in full. So, please take a moment to review and confirm your selected upgrade options.

Any items ordered along with this Mac Mini upgrade will be held on order and shipped with your upgraded Mac Mini. Please place a separate order for items you would like to receive prior to the availability of your upgraded Mac Mini.

If you have questions about the Mac Mini Upgrade Service, please check our extensive FAQ's.

This purchase is also subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Sale. For more information, please feel free to use our online Live Chat, e-mail customer support, or call us toll free at 800-275-4576.