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OWC Upgrade Program for Apple Mac Pro
OWC Upgrade Services for Mac Pro (2009) Base 8-Core (Dual Processor) - MacPro4,1

OWC Upgrade Program for Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro 2009 Models Current 8-Core Speed (Quad-Core Processors x 2)
Please Select the Processor module currently installed in your Apple Mac Pro 2009. The information in the parentheses is additional detail about the factory processor model to enable better understanding/comparison of available upgrade options. In addition to higher processor core speeds, higher QPI also indicative of higher operational performance.
*These options are for the Mac Pro 2009 (MacPro4,1) 8-Core (Quad-Core Processors x 2) model only. If this is not the Mac Pro model you have, please go to the prior page and reselect to correct model.tive of higher operational performance.
(Subtract $50)
(Subtract $10)


Intel Xeon Processor Options for your Mac Pro
These are the processor upgrade options currently offered for the Mac Pro model you selected
(Add $100)


Upgrade Program Shipping Options
This processor upgrade service typically requires 1-2 business days (M-F) for turnaround - which includes the full upgrade process and no less than 8-hours of burn-in testing.

This upgrade program includes*:
Custom Designed Box/Package for your Mac Pro Processor/Memory Tray Module
Ground Delivery of this box to the ship to address you provide
Prepaid Ground shipping label for transit to OWC
Ground Delivery of the upgraded solution to ship to address provided

*Included ground freight is available within the contiguous 48 US States only. Options for faster pickup/return and for Hawaii, Alaska, and non-US Destinations available at additional cost. Please note, the delivery option for provided box is selected at checkout.
(Add $29)
(Add $79)
(Add $119)
(Add $139)
(Add $199)


Add additional Memory to your upgraded Mac Pro Processor Tray
OWC Memory for the Mac Pro is backed by a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and also available as a separate, completely user installable upgrade. When you purchase memory as part of this program, it will be installed and tested at no additional charge as part of or standard program. If any existing memory is replaced/removed to accommodate a selected memory upgrade an OWC rep will contact you with the option for the removed memory to be returned to you with your module or submitted to our trade-in program for cash back.
Note: It is recommeded that memory be installed in pairs or sets of three for best performance.

*Sets of 6 and 8 can only be installed if you have selected an upgrade option to a Dual-Processor unit

**Use of 8GB Modules requires removal of all other 1GB, 2GB, and/or 4GB modules you may currently have installed.
(Add $80)
(Add $100)
(Add $110)
(Add $140)
(Add $160)
(Add $180)
(Add $200)
(Add $260)
(Add $310)


Subtotal: $ 379.00

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