Congratulations on purchasing the VillageTronic MacMagic 8mb Voodoo
video card from
Other World Computing!

Here's how you install your new Voodoo card:

  1. Turn off your computer, and remove it’s cover, exposing it’s PCI slots.
  2. Take adequate anti-static precautions, a good suggestion is to ground yourself on the power supply or any other exposed metal object in the computer prior to removing the Voodoo card from the anti-static bag.
  3. Remove the blank plate from the PCI slot that you wish to have the Voodoo card occupy. You may need to remove a screw to do so.
  4. Remove the Voodoo card from the anti-static bag, and install it into that available PCI slot, fully seating the card.
  5. If your computer required you to remove a screw to remove the PCI slot blank plate, please reinstall that screw to firmly secure the Voodoo card in the PCI slot.
  6. Take the monitor pass through cable that was included with your Voodoo card, and attach theDB-15 end to your built in video source(usually the video output on the logic board), and attach the SVGA end to the Voodoo card, the top connector.
  7. Attach your monitor to the bottom DB-15 jack on the Voodoo card. If you’re using a non Apple monitor, you will need to use a video adapter to convert from SVGA to DB-15, most Mac systems included one of those at the time of purchase in your manuals & cables kit that came with your computer.

Now, onto the Software install!

  1. Boot your computer as normal. Your monitor will likely synch to a different resolution than it was at when you shut the machine down last, this is normal.
  2. Open your web browser, and go to the following web address:
  3. Link
  4. Once there, please download the "VillageTronic software pack"
  5. Once downloaded, you can extract the individual installers and install them;
    • VT_Uni_Install_4.6
    • VT_Glide_RAVE
  6. The VT_Uni_Install_4.6 should be the first thing that you install, please choose the MacMagic portion of the installer, as it is truly an installer that works with all of the VillageTronic products available at this time.
  7. Once installed, it will require a restart.
  8. Once restarted, please find your system folder, and while the system folder is closed, copy the 3 extensions (VT Resource Manager, VT 3D Glide Accelerator, VT 3D RAVE Accelerator) from the VT-Glide_RAVE folder that you extracted to the system folder, it should automatically install those items into the Extensions folder. When completed, restart your computer.

Congratulations! You’re ready to play both RAGE and RAVE games using your new VillageTronic MacMagic 8mb Voodoo card!